What better Christmas Eve treat than numbers 70 to 61 of out top article list?

24 December 2012

As we crawl up the pecking order, just remember how rewarding it is when you find loose change down the side of the sofa. Every now and then you even strike the big time finding a fiver! And so it it with our round up between 70–61 which includes a host of treasure waiting to be checked out again! Dig in.


Richard Hooker: East London Mosque, Whitechapel Rd

Richard Hooker astounded us with his extensive photography series documenting the diversity found in one of the last places where Londoners still mix freely – the humble bus stop. 


Olympic Table Tennis Players: Close up and mid-match

These photographs give us absolute unbridled joy. If you’re into pausing a film at the very moment somebody pulls a weird face that normally goes unnoticed, you’ll immediately understand our delight in these shots. Bravo mysterious photographer. 


Stiff: Pipe

While smoking is for all the naughty girls and boys in the world, we absolutely loved Stiff’s fresh pipe designs that are both colourful and renewable. If you’re inclined to puff, there really isn’t a better object to puff on…


Sir Peter Blake: Untitled (From THE ROUNDEL: 100 Artists Remake a London Icon. Published by Art on the Underground and Art / Books, 2012)

We indulged ourselves in the book that re-imagined the iconic London Underground Roundel (the blue line bisecting the red circle to you and me), and what a pleasantly invigorating journey of indulgence it was too, with a host of top drawer creatives turning their talents to the task.


Jake Evans: Drawing

This year’s Graduates showcase once again blew us away with the super-talented young whippersnappers we were lucky enough to feature and although we don’t go in for favourites, Jake Evans was a particular hit with our readers. His quirky, idea-led practice catapulted him into our top 100 here at number 68.


Anton Renborg: Notices de la Corse

These sun-soaked shots by Anton Renborg brightened up our descent into the season of wintery wilderness. Anton has an uncanny ability to frame shots that spool out into entire stories and his sun-kissed skills have racked him up quite the client list.


Daniel Chehade: Max identity

There are times when graphic design screams out to you purely because of its beautiful simplicity. Dan Chehade’s Max Identity was a perfect example and it’s no surprise at all to see it in this list – perhaps the only eyebrow-raiser is that it didn’t feature slightly higher up?


Sharon Moody: Something’s Going Down In That Museum Right Now (detail)

The incredibly detailed, life-like paintings Sharon Moody produced of comic books taught us a thing or two about the hyperreal, 2D representations of things we come across everyday. Photo-realism has never been so cool! 


GraphicDesign&: Page 1 – Great Expectations (May 8)

Bringing together 70 leading designers and typographers, GraphicDesign& celebrated the genius of Charles Dickens by presenting a whole host of wonderful interpretations of the first page of Great Expectations into one book, thereby exploring the ways in which the graphic designer’s approach impacts on literary experience. Wowza this was good. 


Hajdu Bence: Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper, 1495-1498

Haidu Bence is a playful bean, artfully removing the subject matter of the most famous paintings in the world to leave nothing but the empty settings behind. Not only do induce enjoyable double-takes, but also make us question how we react to art in our now image-saturated culture.

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