Robin Van Wijk: Birth Of Venus

Work / Graphic Design

Robin Van Wijk’s got some stunning pieces of print under his belt

I’ve got a confession to make; I’ve posted quite a few people recently that I discovered on the website of a Dutch Risograph studio called Vinex Pers. Viktor Hachmang created their identity and they count some of my favourite illustrators as clients. Their website is packed full of exciting work from fantastic creative talents and I’d like to show you just one more.

Dutch designer and illustrator Robin Van Wijk is based in The Hague where he spends his time creating psychedelic, sci-fi inspired illustrations for a list of exciting, underground clients. He’s collaborated with Rajeev Basu, Julian Sirre and a handful of other brilliant talents – and he’s only just graduated college. Aside from his outstanding signature style that blends futuristic vector graphics with Matisse-esque torn shapes, he’s also an incredibly talented screen-printer, and has created some stunning animations from hand-pulled prints as part of his graduation project. Slow work I’m sure, but well worth the effort.


Robin Van Wijk: Aristokids


Robin Van Wijk: Don’t Beat Yourself Up About It


Robin Van Wijk: Papaver


Robin Van Wijk: We Are Switzerland


Robin Van Wijk: Idiorrhythmy


Robin Van Wijk: Your Engagement has Consequences


Robin Van Wijk: Scapino


Robin Van Wijk: Das Ding


Robin Van Wijk: Billytown