With cuteness and crayons, Shiori Tamura makes everyday moments a little more special

Treat yourself to the wonderfully endearing crayon work of the Gunma-based illustrator and graphic designer.

10 January 2023

A cat peeking over the side of an armchair; a slice of cake emblazoned with the word ‘Eat’; a knitted jumper adorned with a polar bear; Shiori Tamura’s illustrations are perhaps the definition of endearing. Taking well-known shapes, objects and animals, and then realising them in her own specific style, Shiori sees her work as a way of making “familiar things a little more special”. Not being too “rigid” in how she approaches her work is an important part of the process – and one of the ways in which she crafts such familiarity throughout her portfolio. She takes inspiration from simple, everyday moments, like “when I am relaxing, taking a walk, listening to music and so on”.

When starting a piece, Shiori will begin with a lot of rough sketches to decide the best shape, colour and “comfortable balance”. And the final result – while evidently being analogue in appearance – has clear elements influenced by her corresponding graphic design work. This includes clear simplistic shapes, block use of colour and the occasional inclusion of straightforward lettering. Currently, Shiori is working toward her first solo show in Tokyo.

GalleryCopyright © Shiori Tamura, 2022

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Copyright © Shiori Tamura, 2022

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