Charles and Ray Eames on a Motorcycle (1948) Charles and Ray Eames


The Eames House from the Meadow (1998) Charles and Ray Eames


The Eames House from the Patio (1994) Charles and Ray Eames


The Eames House Alcove (1994) Charles and Ray Eames


The Eames House Living Room (1994) Charles and Ray Eames


The Eames House Living Room (1993) Charles and Ray Eames


A Selection of Chairs from the Office of Charles and Ray Eames (1952) Charles and Ray Eames

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Pacific Standard Time: Indoor Ecologies

For all those familiar with Charles and Ray Eames, their astonishing contribution to design and their significant know-by-doing mentality, an opportunity to see the contents of the home they built together – constructed as part of the seminal Case Study House Program – is one not to be missed. The ultimate in live-work spaces, the house and its contents resonate with the Eames’ design disposition for honest use of materials, " universalising from the specific" and accommodation for change. For less place specific insight into the Eames, check out the new film, EAMES: The Architect and The Painter directed by Jason Cohn and Bill Jersey.