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Studio Audience: With Paul Smith, revolutionary pants and Xmas adverts

Yeah come on then Friday we have everything we need to deal with you and your wily ways. Jaunty hat, some of the finest wines known to humanity and 23 minutes of art and design chat delivered direct to your ears. Can’t say fairer than that can we?

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Section One


First up we looked at the redesign of The Independent newspaper overseen by Matt Willey and explored some of the discussion that has accompanied the new look and feel. We lurched left into looking at pants designed to deodorise farts and then we asked why Jimmy Nelson’s photos of disappearing tribes had struck such a chord across the online world (but why some have a problem with the project.)


Section Two


First up in this part of the pod we reflected on the major new show delving into fashion designer Paul Smith’s brain at London’s Design Museum, asking why he is held in such affection across the world and whether the lack of clothes in the exhibition was a drawback.

Then we looked at some of this year’s Christmas ads, in particular the much-talked about Bear & Hare John Lewis spot and the interesting reality ad for Sainsbury’s.