Studio Audience – Series Three Episode 19 with Apple and Outsider Art

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Studio Audience – Series Three Episode 19 with Apple and Outsider Art

So. Here we all are then, the cusp of the weekend, the mind-expanding promise of two whole days of wonder and glory. But to make the most of it you should be properly prepared and what better way to begin the whole darn shebang than with some art and design chat courtesy of our podcast? No better way we tells you!

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Section One


Maurice Sendak’s Google Doodle

In the first section we asked whether the Google Doodle honouring the late great Maurice Sendak was an ok thing to do, paid tribute to Charles Burns’ brilliant portraits for The Believer, examined the fallout from the Prism revelations and digested the big winners from this year’s D&AD awards.


Charles Burns: Alan Moore

Section Two


The new iOS7

It was all about Apple for a great deal of the design community so we discussed their new iOS7 design, the backlash to their latest unveilings and the backlash to the backlash.


Rammellzee: Color Letter Racer The Alternative Guide to the Universe at the Hayward Gallery

We also looked at the new show at London’s Hayward Gallery which “explores the work of self-taught artists and architects, fringe physicists and visionary inventors, all of whom offer bracingly unorthodox perspectives on the world we live in,” and its rave reviews.