Studio Audience – Series Two Episode 11 with open sourcing, architecture and eroticism

15 December 2012
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Well blow me we are so almost at the end of the year but there’s no rest for the wicked and with that in mind Studio Audience is here again with top art and design chat for your aural pleasure. This week we’ve got architecture, open sourcing and interactive CVs and it all kind of gets a bit smutty. So kick back, tune in and enjoy 22 minutes of prime time nonsense. Let’s do this!

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Bauballs by Fallon for Orchid


Great minds sometimes do indeed think alike and that’s seemingly what happened when two testicular cancer charities sat down to think about how they could harness the festive season to help raise awareness. We were tickled last week to receive a set of Bauballs designed by Fallon for the Orchid organisation, impressed both by the simple yet effective idea and the shapely verisimilitude of this unusual decoration. Lo and behold though we came in this week to discover that the Everyman charity had worked with Albion on a similar project, although their manifestations of scrotal tree adornments (never a phrase I thought I’d use) are character-based, with Santa, satsuma and snowman among their variations. Fun, communicative work for a great cause – it doesn’t get much better than that…


The Cumquat

The Cumquat

If you’re starting your own self-published edition what on earth do you pick for its content? With such an abundance of information out there online and in print it’s tough to find your own niche. There’s one subject however, that mankind will always have an appetite for; pornography, and The Cumquat is seeking to exploit that niche as best it can with an open call for the filthiest erotic literature around. “It’s more than porn. It’s smut; the essence of filth. And the sticky juice has spilled over everything.”
But we’re not here to talk pornography; the real appeal of The Cumquat for us, other than its absurd name, is the remarkably tasteful design with which it’s been branded. Created by Studio Hi Ho, a Melbourne-based duo comprised of Wesley Waddell and Patrick Scanlan, it provides a discreet and attractive exterior with which to house the erotic material within. Will Hustler ever adopt such discreet branding? We doubt it, but the appeal of The Cumquat is the high-brow appearance masking something altogether more visceral than simple soft-focus snaps.


Daan Louter

Daan Louter’s interactive CV

Perma-tanned football manager Ron Atkinson used to have a saying for when one of his over-paid, over-preened superstars went whining to the press about how he should definitely be playing every week no matter what – don’t tell me, show me. I was reminded of Big Ron’s advice late last week when Daan Louter’s interactive CV did the rounds on social media. The Rotterdam-based designer wants to do an internship at The Guardian but rather than write a letter explaining why his skill set was so suited for such a role, he demonstrated it instead. There’s some fun tricks on show and extra marks for his proactive approach to standing out in a crowded marketplace. Your move Guardian…


Hellicar & Lewis discuss open sourcing at In Progress

In the second section we kicked off talking about open sourcing based on the predictions of our In Progress speakers and looked at what the legal ramifications of the rise of this movement might mean.


Owen Hatherley as pictured on Dezeen

We also talked about Owen Hatherley’s bombastic blog post criticising the way in which architecture websites like Dezeen and ArchDaily work and what that means for online cultural coverage.

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