Studio Audience – Series Two, Episode Nine with photography, Vice and design education

30 November 2012
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Oh hi there. How nice of you to stop by. Have you lost weight? Your hair looks great. Just one thing I suppose, your ears look kind of depressed. No, no it’s a thing. Yeah don’t take it the wrong way. Anyway I’ve got just the thing – the It’s Nice That podcast Studio Audience. So kick back and enjoy a dose of art and design chat and listen out for the Alex dismissing maths in its entirety. Enjoy!

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Michael Hauptman One Direction for Wonderland

Michael Hauptman One Direction for Wonderland

Yeah you’ve probably been stopped dead in your tracks by this cover at least once in the last few weeks, but better late than never. What better way to say goodbye to the week than with this gloriously cute photo shoot by photographer Michael Hauptman for Wonderland magazine, and art directed by U S E F U L

There’s a lot of cynicism in the world today, thanks predominantly to Twitter and the web in general, but it took one of London’s best fashion magazines to shout “stop!” and embrace One Direction for what they really are: the cultural icons of today. Yep, that’s right, suck it up, they’re here and they ain’t going anywhere. Sure, their bank balances alone make you want to go home and drink cyanide under a towel, but let’s just stop being bitter for one second and take a leaf out of Wonderland’s book. Commissioning Michael, with his rainbow-tinted specs style of photography was the first thing they did right, the second was getting the puppies in. Whoever thought that up deserves a medal and a promotion, stat.


Romain Laurent: Shadows

Romain Laurent: Shadows

We’re all familiar with the boldness of Manhattan – a bright, fast, vivid and relentless metropolis that never sleeps. Constantly bathed in artificial light originating from its transport, advertising, entertainment, housing and sidewalks scattered with street lamps. But as hurricane Sandy delivered its devastating blow, sending a vast water surge towards the city and submerging all power sources, the city wasn’t just flooded in water, but in an eerie silence under the cloak of complete darkness. Romain Laurent has captured these moments where the greatest, richest city on earth fell victim to nature, exposing a vulnerability against which it can never be completely defended.

There was no street life, very few cars, and in this obscurity the few people Romain crossed “were unidentifiable shadows punctuated by flashlights.” This collection of images exposes this unusual environment that was left stranded for several nights, evoking a sense of fear alongside the natural curiosity of the unknown. Overall,Shadows communicates these surreal impressions experienced by residents as they roamed the streets isolated in the pitch black.


An archive Vice cover

Ten Years of Vice

It’s gone from being the magazine your mum hated you bringing into the house to an innovative addition to the way news and pop culture is covered in this country. But as the UK version of Vice celebrates turning ten is the enfant terrible of the mag world still discernible in say, the recent sober and thought-provoking Syria issue?

“The aims are still the same – to cover stories either that other people won’t cover or to cover stories in a way other people wouldn’t do them,” European managing editor Bruno Bayley told us.
Read the full interview here


The Design Council are helping coordinate the #includedesign campaigb

First up in this section we followed up our Opinion piece calling for a Government re-think over plans to downgrade arts and design for the EBacc qualification. We explained why we’ve signed up to the #includedesign campaign and referenced this Neville Brody interview on Design Week. The ideas are further spelled out in this Design Council article.


In Progress takes place next Friday

We also looked ahead to next week’s In Progress conference and went on to explore what we think makes for a great creative conference. As the end of year round-ups begin Will explained why he thinks the conference helps add a new dimension to this season of retrospectives.
You can still pick up one of the last few tickets here

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