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Human type! WE ARE Pi for TEDx present a new Radical Openess Art Experiment

TED Talks are free and pretty bloody good if you didn’t already know and, over the last few years, this goodness has widened its free gamut to include the TED brand, methods and formats. As TEDGlobal’s director Bruno Giussani puts it: “The more you give away the more you get back.”

With this in mind, frequent TEDx creatives, WE ARE Pi have just announced their latest “ideas worth doing”, centred around the notion of Radical Openess and have brought together a group of artists and designers to help them realise it. Amongst the mix of animation, films and digital responses is a very special-looking typography experiment encouraging us to talk to strangers, with strangers.

With the concept by Giuliano Garonzi, the platform uses an human alphabet that plays tribute to “typography, craftsmanship and relations between humans” – what you write, the next person responds to ad infintum. All the projects can now be seen on the TED’s YouTube channel here, great stuff!


TEDx, WE ARE Pi: Talk to Strangers,


TEDx, WE ARE Pi: Talk to Strangers,


TEDx, WE ARE Pi: Talk to Strangers,