Grads catch-up three with Mike Guppy, Krystina Naylor and Hannah Shipley

15 May 2012

Part three of our catch-up with The Graduates 2011. This time it’s Mike Guppy, who besides doing a placement with our very own INT Works has co-founded a design studio, Krystina Naylor who was selected as a Saatchi Gallery New Sensation earlier this year and Hannah Shipley who is forging ahead with her own design work and placements.


The Graduates 2012: Catch-Up – Mike Guppy

Mike Guppy

I’m giving you a screenshot of my desktop because I feel this year I have spent 98% of my time staring at it. I have been working freelance since the start of 2012, collaborating with fellow Camberwell graduate James Cartwright, and it has been great scraping by while making work. The desktop picture is of Sakurajima volcano in Kagoshima, Japan, where I have spent the last few weeks which has been rad.

I’m going to keep at it, find work and hopefully find time to do some more personal projects. Keeping my options open… I probably need more of a plan right? I’d like to makeSsunday “no-screen” day, like the day of rest but for your eyeballs.
The Graduates 2011: Mike Guppy


The Graduates 2012: Catch-Up – Krystina Naylor: Untitled (symmetry/mimicry), hand applied black graphite tape, emulsion on board. 2012

Krystina Naylor

Having been resident in Nottingham’s One Thoresby Street for almost a year now, I felt it was appropriate to update with an image of the most recent work, made within these four white walls! These paintings are studies directed by a line of symmetry. I consider them mimics, as when viewed in any rotation they never manage to successfully impersonate the term “symmetrical.” This is due to corrected angles, tonal differences and hand application of the tape.

There are a few really exciting exhibitions in the pipelines, keep an eye on the website for updates!!!!!!!
The Graduates 2011: Krystina Naylor


The Graduates 2012: Catch-Up – Hannah Shipley

Hannah Shipley

This picture shows a re-brand and cover artwork for a ska, skip-hop band called First Degree Burns This piece is a personal memento as it was the first professional freelance design work I completed outside of university. I believe you should not restrict yourself to only producing work under an agency and continue designing in your own right.

A tutor once said to me on graduating that “it takes a year for you to make contacts, two to get settled and five to get established.” I still don’t know if I am on that scale or even if it applies to me, but currently I am on a placement at an exciting ad agency called 18 feet and rising. So, here’s to what’s next.
The Graduates 2011: Hannah Shipley


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