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The Weekender’s here to trash literary classics and respectfully fear Mother Earth

Turn up the volume, pump up the jams, lights out, gorilla radio, come with us, I’ve got the poison, I’ve got the remedy, but no sympathy for the devil. Yeah you heard me, I’m coming at you with musical references you probably don’t even understand. Deal with it. What’s that, you’re completely, unashamedly confused by what’s going on right now? That can only mean one thing. The Weekender.

Best of the site

This week we went comic book crazy for the work of wilfridtimo who offered up an incredible selection of superhero-inspired graphics. Just before that happened we were speechless from watching a dangerously exciting trailer for the forthcoming Dark Knight Rises. Approach with caution though as that Bane fella’s likely to give you the heebie-jeebies. In cuddlier news we spent some time lolling around in neon plastic with these adorable kittens. Awwwwwwww.

Best of Best of the Web

We all love pizza (I’ve just eaten a whole one) but I wish it was a little more mobile, and I’m not talking “moped delivery” mobile. Thankfully PSFK alerted us to this shipping container-cum-wood fired oven on wheels that more or less takes care of all your travelling pizza needs. Speaking of travelling, life-size lego jet engine anyone? And speaking of plastic childhood pastimes, how about a sporting game of connect 4 with a robot programmed to strategically cripple you every time.

Best of the rest

It’s not often that we’re moved to excitement by maths but when the science of numbers helps to build a house that increases sunlight in the winter and blocks it out in the summer, we go, “Wow, nice one maths!” Conversely, we’re quite often moved to excitement by Anna Friel (not like that!) particularly when she’s starring in a mythological epic set in a plush victorian mansion. And we’re always excited by slow motion and high definition working in perfect harmony, like in this new short from Daniel Askill.

Tweet of the week

Normally tweet of the week is reserved for a single tweet of exceptional wit and/or genius, but @O2 surpassed themselves this week and produced a whole load of them.

Meme of the week

You know how previously there weren’t enough pictures of cats on the internet? Now there are.

I want one of those of the week

Imagine if Batman had a boat, that’d be a great boat right? You’d want to ride around in that boat all day fighting crime and helping people, or maybe just drinking champagne and getting a tan at high speed. Well pretty soon, if you’re name’s Kenny Schachter, you’ll be able to live out that dream in reality thanks to Zaha Hadid’s epic design skills.

Advert envy of the week

If only life was really like this. Confound you Nike.

Abused literary classics of the week

The Morning News show us what happens when Amazon trolls are exposed to classic works of fiction: “I am obsessed with Survivor, so I thought it would be fun. WRONG!!! It is incredibly boring and disgusting. I was very much disturbed when I found young children killing each other. I think that anyone with a conscience would agree with me.” Take that Lord of the Flies, you’re just a cheap imitation of Survivor.

“The Earth is bloody terrifying” moment of the week

Newsflash! The Earth isn’t a big green cuddly orb that we’re all being nasty to, it’s a vicious electrified bastard and it could kill you in an instant if it wanted. Just look at these photos of Mexican storms. Point proven.

And that’s all there is, there isn’t any more.
Until next week friends!