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The Weekender – cycling, slo-mo tea making and the truth about graphic design

The Weekender is no prude, it enjoys a bawdy limerick as much as the next weekly irreverence round-up. But I don’t mind admitting the constant discussion of Prince Harry’s crown jewels has all got a bit much. Amid all the discussion about the press being muzzled (love that verb) in not printing the pictures, there’s one thing NOBODY is talking about. Well The Weekender will not be cowed and is just going to come right out and say it. What on earth is strip billiards? Of all the strip-based games who picks billiards? What Las Vegas hotel suite has a billiards table? I’m going to get to the bottom of this if it kills me. Ever onwards…

Best of the site

Speaking of lust this week we had our heads turned by the gorgeous new Rapha Cycle Club, we were charmed by Canadian illustrator Patrick Kyle and we saw the best annual report ever (courtesy of Brighten the Corners and Anish Kapoor).

Best of Best of the Web

The convergence of the creative industries and ensuing difficulties of describing your job was the subject of this excellent Visual Essays piece, we enjoyed looking at the ingenious Icarsu-like attempts of the Worthing Bird-Man entrants and we had our grey matter stimulated by this excellent video about artists using commodities…

Best of the Rest

This fascinating insight into making an Olympic hero into a cover star by photographer Chris Floyd is well worth a read, Mashable had a nice visual guide to how the Internet’s evolved and this whole piece about the reality of 26 jobs is ace, but worth it alone for the graphic designer’s line: “The vast majority of designers make ugly things for incompetent people."

Tweet of the week

The story about the well-meaning amateur fresco restorer has been everywhere this week, and the @FrescoJesus Twitter account was one of many excellent, immediate responses.

Pet owners of the week

I don’t have a dog, but if I did I don’t think I’d ever look at it and think: “I wonder if I can make Rover look like a collection of The Muppets.” Luckily for us all, some people don’t have such puny imaginations…

Collateral damage of the week

There’s a lot enjoyably odd about this story of how LA model Reanin Johannink put a camera on her bottom to catch anyone taking a sneaky peek at her backside. There’s the idea itself for a start, the use of the phrase “collateral damage” in the last paragraph, the massively inappropriate “Jesus?” caption and the suggestion that what people might have been looking at was a woman with a camera strapped to her bum. It truly is the tale that keeps on giving.

Promo material of the week

The Awkward Band Photo Tumblr showcases amazingly awkward band photos. You’ll love it.

Strangely hypnotic video of the week

Want to watch actor Alan Rickman making tea in super slow-motion? No us neither at first but turns out it’s really compelling (and less irritating than Love Actually).

Still not impressed? How about a door that does an impression of Miles Davis then?

Putting your teenage years in the shade teenager of the week

What was the best thing you achieved as a teenager? Super Mario World? An excellent practical joke? GCSE French? Did you create a potentially lifesaving cancer test? This guy did…

Why not spice up your Bank Holiday with a game of strip bridge?