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Booyah! Happy days ahead with the new(ish)-look Weekender!

Still not accustomed to the new-look Weekender? Finding it hard to navigate the choppy waters of loosely art and design-related nonsense? What’s wrong with you? It’s really quite simple! You see we start with six articles you DEFINITELY SHOULD NOT MISS THIS WEEK, follow it up with a look at the week’s physical, through-the-letterbox post and then launch ourselves whole-heartedly into the novelty dregs of the beautiful internet. Think of it as the weekend supplement of your favourite newspaper except without any recipes for celeriac and kale breakfast bars or sentimental adverts for expensive watches. It’s the cat’s pyjamas! (If you still don’t get it there’s really no hope for you).

Six of the best things you’ve ever seen! (this week)


Are you smilin’ at me?

6: I would risk my life in order to use this Survival Kit

Ohhh baby. Look at all these life-saving goodies wrapped up in this beautiful tube. Mmmmm. Life-Savey.

5: Fancy being in the It’s Nice That Class of 2013?

Calling all students! Are you in your third year of a UK art and design BA? Apply to be one of the It’s Nice That Graduates 2013! Sponsored by Represent.

4: Oooooh dreamy photos ahoy…

If only the world was a bubblegum pink, Lynchian dream. Sometimes it is. But in the case of Nadja Staubli, that’s what it is the whole time through her magic lens!

3: That awkward moment when you realised water isn’t actually blue…

Thank heavens for the weird and wonderful photography of Marton Perlaki, the man responsible for putting a blue wig into a sink full of water and subsequently blowing our little minds.

2: Dangerous Kodak moment of the week

Did you know that elephants smiled as they swam? We didn’t either, until the wonderful Claudia Legge took these cracking underwater photos

1: You think your room’s a pig-sty? Check these out…

Not surprising really, but these photos of girls posing in their jaw-droppingly messy rooms was the top article this week. You mucky pups!



Phwoar! A lot of tasty things this week including a ton of brilliantly designed zines, a puzzle and activity book of the coolest variety, architecture to make you drool, and off-duty models doing what they do best.


Zines by Daniel Kent


Zines by Daniel Kent


Zines by Daniel Kent


Zines by Daniel Kent


Zines by Daniel Kent

Zines by Daniel Kent

Daniel Kent takes zine making to the extreme, for instance he once walked all the way up Mount Everest and decided that was the best place to produce some beautifully designed work. These are really brilliant and range from screen printed loveliness to a play compiled of totally random dialogue.


Building For Tomorrow by Paul Cattermole


Building For Tomorrow by Paul Cattermole


Building For Tomorrow by Paul Cattermole


Building For Tomorrow by Paul Cattermole


Building For Tomorrow by Paul Cattermole

Building For Tomorrow by Paul Cattermole

If you love architecture then this is the book for you. It celebrates the builds of four highly influential architects: Frank Lloyd Wright, John Lautner, Richard Buckminster Fuller and Eero Saarinen. Spanning from post-war to the modern day, it is packed full of contemporary architecture at its best.


Young Fresh and Relevant #3


Young Fresh and Relevant #3


Young Fresh and Relevant #3


Young Fresh and Relevant #3


Young Fresh and Relevant #3

Young Fresh and Relevant #3

Into their third issue of the yearly journal, these guys want to carve a space for writing within the visual arts and hosts a range of widely acknowledged writers to others who are being published for the first time. Set up by Chloe Stead and Rebecca Jagoe, the journal is simple and full of interesting articles. Gotta love a good forest green too, mmm.


Puzzle and Activity Book by Day Job


Puzzle and Activity Book by Day Job


Puzzle and Activity Book by Day Job


Puzzle and Activity Book by Day Job


Puzzle and Activity Book by Day Job

Puzzle and Activity Book by Day Job

There’s no denying we love Day Job and the talented illustrators under their umbrella. Now they’ve gone and sent us a puzzle (illustration by Joshua Checkley) AND a daily activities book where you can do a bunch of stuff like test your Wu Tang Clan knowledge and draw what you think a whale would chomp on. You guys rock!


‘Powerful Morning Energy – Volume One’ by Kensington Leverne


‘Powerful Morning Energy – Volume One’ by Kensington Leverne


‘Powerful Morning Energy – Volume One’ by Kensington Leverne


‘Powerful Morning Energy – Volume One’ by Kensington Leverne


‘Powerful Morning Energy – Volume One’ by Kensington Leverne

Powerful Morning Energy – Volume One by Kensington Leverne

We all love to look at beautiful people and Kensington Leverne’s photographs of off-duty models getting their makeup and hair done will satisfy this thirst. An insight into the hustle and bustle backstage, these photos are striking and carefully composed.

The Weekender

Tweet of the Week

“Google Chrome: very little chrome. Google Pixel: very tiny pixels. Google Glass: almost no glass.

Really looking forward to Google Pants."

Sound logic indeed from @gknauss

Puff Daddy in unexpected British period drama of the week

Imagine if you will a world in which Sean Combes, superstar rapper and purveyor of all the most luxury hip-hop of the 1990s, suddenly appeared in your favourite ITV period drama. Like all good period dramas it stars the forever-elderly national treasure Dame Maggie Smith, who, in an inexplicably comedic turn of events, Combes instructs to kiss another woman. Well, it’s happened, it’s real (sort of) and it’s utterly brilliant – unless you’re a fan of Downton Abbey, in which case it’s probably just plain old sacrilege.

Workout of the week

This guy must be wooing all the ladies…

Celebrities in famous paintings of the week

Continuing the theme of taking major celebrities and transplanting them into the past is this series of images exploring the similarities between some of the world’s biggest stars and most expensive paintings. Johnny Depp as The Girl With A Pearl Earring is a delight. Utter nonsense!

Awful accommodation of the week

Fret not rented accommodation dwellers, one day you shall own your own homes and on that day you’ll be able to do whatever you like with your high-ceilinged, wooden-floorboarded mid-century modern palace. But until then we’re all in the same boat shuffling aimlessly from one fetid pit to the next at the mercy of our handsomely-paid, perennially lazy landlords. But at least we don’t have it quite as bad as this lot…

Arriverderci kids!