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The Weekender – Humperdinck, bandwiches and male “mega babes”

Weren’t the pagans ridiculous? With their animal pelt clothes and their henges and their obsessive worshipping of the weather. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Take that pagans. You guys were loopy! Not like now when we’re all modern and that. Our clothes are much better. But thinking about it all anyone has been able to go on about for weeks is the weather. Jokes, curses, threats – meteorological matters have taken over. And we’ve never built a good henge. Touché pagans. Touché indeed. Let’s be appalling…

Best of the site

This week Andy Gilmore blew us away with his hyper colourful kaleidoscope creations while we literally drooled over some of the graphic design in LBN’s portfolio and we basked in the sunkissed glow of Jem Goulding’s photos (featuring what my colleagues reliably inform me are “mega babes”).

Best of best of the rest

This week the sad passing of Maurice Sendak was marked across the web but we were particularly struck by this interview with Spike Jonze over on Dazed, we really enjoyed this piece on Nokia’s last stand from Wired and thanked every god we believe in (and some we don’t) that Mikey Please released the full version of his BAFTA-winning animation The Eagleman Stag.

Best of the rest

This week saw some serious box-ticking. Massive colourful Paris palace installation? Check. Pop songs as emoticons? Sure. Gorgeous ruffled sheets thing? You know it.

Tweets of the week

“If vegetarians love animals so much, then why do they eat all their food? #mindblown”

“What if the first person that ate poison berries was just allergic and we’re missing out on a delicious berry? #mindblown”

“Leonardo DiCaprio never died in Titanic. Last scene: him going underwater. 1st Scene in Inception: him waking up on a beach. #mindblown”

All from the superlative titter-mongers UrMindBlown. You really should be following.

Editorial chutzpah of the week

So you’re interviewing legendary crooner Engelbert Humperdinck and he happens to mention he’s never heard of Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher. An idea flares, then dies away. Surely not. He just wouldn’t. Would he? “Mr Humperdink, about the photo shoot. What if we dressed you up as Liam Gallagher.” He looks puzzled. Then a smile forms on his chestnut features… whatever you want.

Job swap of the week

Prince Charles did a weather forecast this week and showed off a nifty line in gentle banter. Rumours that Michael Fish was heir to the throne for an hour on Thursday afternoon have been denied.

Music-inspired menu of the week

Huge fan of this list of Bandwiches (I just got that!) over on McSweeneys. Personal favourite is the Nick Drake – “Ptarmigan tears, nettle spread, rice bread.”

Spray of the week

You know when you just want to be drunk, immediately for a couple of minutes (boring weddings, Tuesdays and the like)? Well now you can

Radiohead stalker of the week

As graduation projects go, trying to get Thom Yorke to send you a video message is pretty out there. Going about it like this though makes it all the merrier. Now come on people, let’s make this happen….

Have a spankingly great weekend you hear me?