A belated edition of Things but very much worth the wait. For this years first review we have The Liberated Press’ latest offering, a carrot on a stick, Colors seek out some enviable collections (we want to meet the man who collects dinosaurs), B.ü.Lb Comix and their newest miniature originals and the “speculative” DDDDoomed, which you can read into all you like.

#79 Colors Collector Sam Baron, Creative director

This issue (the mind bending 79th) from those talented lot at the Fabrica compound must be congratulated on a massively informative play on a theme. Featuring collections as random as tea bags and parking meters to Sadam Hussain paraphanlaia (his face on a watch is particularly “fun”). Most resonant quote " there’s an intense and perverse identification that occurs between people and their things".

The Liberated Press

The Liberated Press is a quarterly that references counter culture zines and propaganda as their creative motivations and features a worthy lot of contributers to their theme of the number 135 including the super Supermundane. The TLP (acronym!), achieving success through the sparing use of a computer and a catchy motto “We’re not posh. We’re Arts & Crafts”.

DDDDoomed R. Gerald Nelson

DDDDoomed, from the man who brings you Making Known is a book crafted as a “speculative fiction” about all who brought about the “dysfunctional state of the the contemporary image world”. It’s definatly a cleverly pieced together comment on the devolution of imagery “in the hands of image aggregators”. Folk who devalue imagery with no reference or information, whos assemblage of images online make their collection the “spectacle”. It’s very good.

Poster Inventory Studio

Extra thanks for the multiple posters from the Inventory men. This CYMK riso print is a welcome and witty take on new years landmark, what with 2011 being year of the hare and all.

2wBOX Set W B.ü.Lb comix

The latest from the hardworking B.ü.Lb comix duo, 2wBOX Set W is a brilliant addition to their archive of hand crafted, silk screened box of five comics, the list of artists reads like a who’s who / how do they do it. This edition of single line strip contributors includes the (extremely likable) likes of Andy Rementer and Chihoi.

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