Antonio Ladrillo reinterprets Robin Hood via ninja philosphy; Simon Roberts contextualises the 2010 election (Ian Paisley has a sky blue range rover); Playground mag encourage a new form of engagement with their latest issue (there is manual of sorts to go with); Crispin Finn reminded us all the goodness organisation does for ones soul (esspecially after you find out it’s Saturday morning not Friday); Thomas.Matthews please us all with a nature inspired analog magiceye that doesn’t give you migraine. Also on this day in ’68, Apollo 5 sent the first lunar module to the moon.

Gardens by the Bay poster Thomas.Matthews

Lovely work (in general) coming out of Thomas.Matthews, this poster is exemplary of their maxim “reducing negative impact and enhancing the positive” as a sustainable and happy looking branding pattern for Gardens by the Bay (opening in Singapore 2011).

Robin Hood Antonio Ladrillo

Nothing this guy does not please and/or make certain members of the studio cry with laughter. Excellently simple screen prints of Robin Hood who is in turn “happy”, “skillful” and “lucky”, all with slightly mental facial expressions – it’s full o’joy.

The Election Project Simon Roberts

Simon Roberts was commissioned as the official House of Commons Election Artists in 2010. The Election Project, a series of 25 photos plus essays, is the result of the 25 days he spent on the campaign trail (+1 day and photo for the “surprise” coalition). The photos are appropriately brilliant, the focus being away from the circus of the main party leaders, from a perspective removes you from the action as shows you just how bleak, almost mundane the reality of the election really was. Exhibition to follow!

Playground Magazine : The SOS Issue Carianne Whitworth, Editor. Joseph Hales, Design

Content and design are given equal weight in Playground Magazine, with an almost concrete attention to the detailing for each essay or interview resulting in many stand alone spreads. More invitations to interpret the content how you will come in this issue’s “lovers seat” style binding. Contributers tick many boxes also.

Year Planner Crispin Finn

Never too late to plan your year. Crispin Finn has applied his clean aesthetic and signature colours to the task of sorting us all out one useful stationary item at a time-management system. And for this we give him thanks. Thanks.

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