James Cartwright

James started out as an intern in 2011 and came back in summer of 2012 to work online and latterly as Print Editor, before leaving in May 2015.

  1. List Publication Eleanor Davis on the motivations behind her stunning upcoming book
  2. List-1 Graphic Design Peckham Print Studio's wonderful new website designed by Mike Guppy
  3. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Atlas studio have spent the past two years producing work at the top of their game
  4. List Art Art: David Mendez Alonso sprays his vibrant art across any canvas he can find
  5. List Product Design Product Design: Brand new studio Epiforma create stunning modular furniture and crisp graphic design
  6. Rami-list Printed Pages Playlist: Rami Niemi has made us a playlist to accompany his incredible new comic in the latest Printed Pages
  7. List Illustration Art: Cleon Peterson disturbs and delights with his giant canvases of orgiastic ultraviolence
  8. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Erotica, Jay-Z and a surprise hotel identity in Deutsche & Japaner's portfolio
  9. List Music Animation: Is Tharsis Sleeps the most badass music video ever made? Yes. Yes it is
  10. List Publication Publication: Collector's Edition brings together the best of limited edition packaging design
  11. List-1 Publication Publication: The all-new Printed Pages Summer 2014 has landed, and it's a bit of a bloody ripper!
  12. List Illustration Illustration: Grimes, pooping dogs and some unpleasant characters from El Neoray – what better start to your Friday?
  13. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Non-Format take on the late, great J.G Ballard for their latest festival identity
  14. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Meet Kevin Harris, one of the coolest designers in town!
  15. List Art Art: Ed Anthony creates stunning graphite portraits of today's greatest architects
  16. Bartkira-list Publication Illustration: Akira and the Simpsons combine to make the ultimate fan-art project: Bartkira!
  17. List Publication Graphic Design: Studio Hato have been hiding their diverse talents from the public until now
  18. List Publication Behind The Scenes: We talk erotica with Folch Studio ahead of the launch of Odiseo Vol 4 this week
  19. List Illustration Illustration: Jorge Primo releases a series of beautiful geometric posters
  20. List Photography Photography: Wyne Veen's latest images prove she's still a master of her medium
  21. List Animation Animation: Wayne The Stegosaurus is one of the most charming animated characters we've ever met!
  22. List Illustration Illustration: Brecht Vandenbroucke came to say hello, and has incredible new work!
  23. List Publication Publication: Book designer Peter Mendelsund releases new book about his book designs
  24. List Publication Behind The Scenes: Greg Reynolds's book of photographs taken at a 70s Christian summer camp
  25. List Publication Publication: An American Odyssey shows off the early USA in dazzling technicolour
  26. List Exhibition Exhibition: CSM's students launch the most expensive pop-up selling million pound objects
  27. List Illustration Illustration: Toni Halonen's work has changed entirely in two years and the results are impressive
  28. List Publication Graphic Design: Michael Thorsby's excellent portfolio includes a guide to becoming a psychedelic chef
  29. List Film Film: CANADA and Nowness come together to produce a cheeky bit of NSFW film for their new series
  30. List Fashion Fashion: Memphis founder Nathalie du Pasquier designs new collection for American Apparel
  31. List Photography Photography: Corey Arnold makes the world's most dangerous job look like quite a lot of fun actually
  32. List Film Film: The majestic Iris Apfel dresses up in honour of Tate Modern's Matisse show
  33. List Illustration Illustration: We love you Nat Russell. Let's get married and move to the woods!
  34. List Illustration Illustration: Incredible dystopian comics from rising talent Liam Cobb
  35. List Publication Publication: It's all about New York in Process Journal's tenth edition
  36. List Illustration Illustration: It's been over a year but Jan Van Der Veken has been very busy indeed
  37. Willumsen-list Illustration Illustration: Magnificent updates from rising star of the comics world Connor Willumsen
  38. Brinkworth-lead Graphic Design Graphic Design: Graphic Thought Facility give Brinkworth a whole new look – and it looks great!
  39. Rime-list Photography Photography: Marie Rime's stunning series of characters wearing board game masks
  40. List Publication Publication: Two Points release two stunning new additions to their I Love Type series
  41. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Hagen Verleger redesigns his favourite publishing houses for fun
  42. List Photography Photography: Beautiful still life compositions from young practitioner Benjamin Swanson
  43. Main9 Illustration Illustration: Mitch Blunt's clever and hard-hitting editorial illustration
  44. List Illustration Illustration: Student Josh McKenna is making waves in Cornwall with his tropical work
  45. List Interactive Interactive: Public Library design a cracking app to help you navigate LA's best events
  46. List Product Design Product Design: Siggi Odds and friends produce a stunning selection of graphic quilts
  47. List Architecture Architecture: Ana Varela designs beautiful flooring made up of tessellating patterns
  48. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Grilli Type produce a fantastically angular new typeface, GT Sectra
  49. Main Publication Publication: Yusuke Miyagawa's portrait of Kingston, Jamaica
  50. List Photography Photography: Luke Stephenson goes on an ice cream pilgrimage to find the UK's best 99
  51. List Music Music Video: Ninian Doff's fantastically surreal video features a dance-off between bankers
  52. List Film Film: Carlos Jimenez gets us up close and personal with the V&A's largest sculptural works
  53. List Exhibition Exhibition: Tauba Auerbach touches down at the ICA with some extraordinary sculptures
  54. List Photography Photography: Magdalena Wosinska's stunning travel photos convey a sense of endless summer
  55. List Photography Photography: Ramon Haindl adds beautiful reportage to his portfolio of fashion photography
  56. List Music Graphic Design: Leif Podhajsky's latest work for Kelis is a stunning vinyl package
  57. List Illustration Illustration: Cheeky classical sculptures and severed hands in the portfolio of Sara Andreasson
  58. Wolfond-list Furniture Design Furniture Design: Jamie Wolfond arrives in Milan with stunning new furniture and an online shop
  59. List Architecture Architecture: Brinkworth create a fully-functioning skate park inside Selfridges department store
  60. Main Illustration Illustration: Yoboh Studio's busy images are a hell of a lot of fun!
  61. Ist Exhibition Exhibition: Hey Studio show off their poster archive at a new show in Barcelona
  62. List Illustration Illustration: Former graduate Alex Walker lives out his former career predictions in style!
  63. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Pentagram completely redesign London auction house Sotheby's
  64. Mixtape-list Friday Mixtape Mixtape: This week we're treating you to one of our favourite personal playlists. Get involved!
  65. List Interactive Interactive: ustwo finally launch Monument Valley, a game you'll want to get lost in for days
  66. Terrazzo-list Product Design Product Design: Terrazzo Project make stunning products from an antiquated substance
  67. List Publication Publication: TASCHEN's new bumper volume of Robert Crumb's sketchbooks
  68. Opinion-list Opinion Opinion: Can the yakuza learn from large corporations and rebrand themselves overnight?
  69. List It's Mice That Photography: Elisa Noguera Lopez' latest Mousetrap series is a real beauty
  70. List It's Mice That Graphic Design: Psychedelic posters for The Grateful Dead by Mouse Studio
  71. List It's Mice That Illustration: Valuable life lessons in Chris Ware’s seminal Quimby comic
  72. List Film Film: Andrew Telling captures figures in flight for Chloe Early exhibition
  73. Geoffrey%e2%80%93list Art Art: Geoffrey Lillemon updates with some outlandishly NSFW oddities. Buckle up!
  74. Main Illustration Illustration: Jim Stoten's astonishingly good comic in the new NoBrow 9
  75. List Film Film: Oliver Hadlee Pearch delivers yet another brilliant video for London's Jungle
  76. List Web Graphic Design: Kevin Wu lets you create data visualisations of famous TV shows
  77. List Photography Photography: Benoit Fournier documents the beach-lovers of Brazil from out in the ocean
  78. List Illustration Illustration: Brecht Vandenbroucke has a new solo show on. Time to celebrate his work again!
  79. List-1 Graphic Design Graphic Design: Bold supergraphics and beautiful publications from Alyar Aynetchi
  80. Main Graphic Design Graphic Design: Akaoni effortlessly blend Roman and Kanji type into beautiful design