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Lisa Farrell

Lisa joined It’s Nice That in 2013 and oversees our events programme, running both our monthly Nicer Tuesdays event and our annual summer symposium Here. She has a particular interest in photography.

  1. Nicertuesdays-april-0562 Nicer Tuesdays Nicer Tuesdays: Watch Sarah Parker's talk from our fashion-themed Nicer Tuesdays
  2. List Nicer Tuesdays Nicer Tuesdays: Watch Charlie Porter's talk from our fashion themed Nicer Tuesdays
  3. Christophniemann595 Here 2014 Here 2014: Christoph Niemann joins the line-up for June's creative blockbuster!
  4. Zebu1 Photography Photography: Daniel Naudé has traveled the world taking majestic photographs of cattle
  5. Nicertuesdays-march-1427 Nicer Tuesdays Nicer Tuesdays: Watch Josh King's talk from our prank-themed Nicer Tuesdays!
  6. Agi_sam_-_site Here 2014 Here 2014: Menswear design sensations Agi & Sam join the line up for our summer symposium!
  7. Main1 Photography Photography: America's hip hop honeys and cheerleaders colourfully captured by Brian Finke
  8. Nicer_tuesdays_(park)_list_image Fashion Nicer Tuesdays: This month's event looks at exciting creatives working in fashion
  9. Itsnicethat_speakerprofile3 Here 2014 Here 2014: Penny Martin of The Gentlewoman will join us at Here 2014
  10. Itsnicethat_speakerprofile10 Here 2014 Here 2014: Award-winning artist duo Lernert & Sander will join us at Here London!
  11. The-three_19 Photography Photography: Isadora Kosofsky captures the tenderness of a senior love triangle
  12. 0.eric Uncategorized Here 2014: Los Angeles based artist Eric Yahnker will join us for Here 2014!
  13. Sam_jacob_1 Here 2014 Here 2014: Co-founder of FAT Architecture Sam Jacob will join us at Here London!
  14. Itsnicethat_speakerprofile11 Here 2014 Here 2014: Joining us this year is one of the UK's finest illustrators Marion Deuchars
  15. Itsnicethat_speakerprofile18 Here Here 2014: We present the UK's hippest documentary photographer Ewen Spencer
  16. List Nicer Tuesdays Nicer Tuesdays: See Bruno Bayley's magazine talk and get tickets for March's event!
  17. Main Here 2014 Here 2014: Our look at the speakers for this year's symposium begins with the mighty Mirko Borsche!
  18. 6 Photograph Photography: J.D. Okhai Ojeikere photographed 1000 intricate afro hairstyles
  19. Hassan4 Photography Photography: Hassan Hajjaj's photographs of the biker girl gangs of Marrakech
  20. Main Photography Photography: Houses on hills cleverly photographed to look lopsided
  21. 1 Photography Photography: Erwan Fichou takes baffling pictures of people in trees!
  22. Main Photography Photography: Jackie Nickerson's photos of workers' environments
  23. 3 Photography Photography: Andrea Ferrari's photos bring taxidermic displays to life
  24. Main4 Publication Publication: Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin illustrate the Bible
  25. Main Uncategorized Photography: Kris Vervaeke finds beauty in eroded cemetery portraits
  26. List Photography Photography: Rinko Kawauchi turns her gaze to burning farms and constellations
  27. Main1 Photography Photography: Sarah Schoenfeld puts recreational drugs on to film negatives, with spectacular results!
  28. List_image Publication Photography: Cristina de Middel imagines the forgotton Zambian space project
  29. Main Photography Publication: Lorenzo Vitturi captures the vibrancy of Dalston's Ridley Road Market
  30. Pigs_1 Photography Publication: Carlos Spottorno's photo book is a triumph of visual satire