Creatives share where they find inspiration for our #ConverseCreate Instagram brief

In the final instalment of our partnership with Converse, we highlight just a few of the amazing submissions to our #ConverseCreate Instagram brief.


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Converse is recognised as a brand for self-expression and innovation around the world, supporting and motivating the power of community.

This summer, we’ve partnered with Converse to produce a series of articles and commissions to inspire everyone to get creative. So far, we’ve worked with the London-based illustrator Fredde Andersson on a series of Zoom backdrops for socially distanced Pride celebrations; with make-up artist Berny Ferr on four looks that interpret the ideas of sustainability underpinning Converse’s Renew collection; and with the creative collective Azeema on a zine championing the theme of sisterhood to celebrate Converse’s Elevate collection.

A few weeks ago It’s Nice That and Converse released a brief into the world, asking the creative community to reflect on what has been keeping them inspired over the past few months.

Taking Fredde Andersson’s backdrops for Pride, Berny Ferr’s sustainable make-up creations, and Azeema’s mission to celebrate diverse voices around the world as our guiding references, the brief was designed to unite us all in sharing where we have found inspiration – be it a particular community, a place we’ve retreated to throughout lockdown as a sanctuary, or a creative process we’ve been experimenting with.

Needless to say, every single submission to the brief was in its own right outstanding, and we’ve been overwhelmed with these powerful odes to inspiration. Below we highlight just a few of our favourites, and implore you to check out #ConverseCreate to discover even more inspiring creatives.


“Love is my absolute number 1 inspiration. Love in any form.”


“Taking a break always goes a long way when I’m looking for inspiration and motivation. Throughout lockdown a lot of creative people I’ve spoken with have dealt with feeling guilty for not ‘making enough’. I’m so thankful that I was lucky enough to get to know a person who reminded me to treat myself at times and I began to try to improve the way I treated my mind and body.” (Read the full quote here)


“This lockdown has been really challenging for me creatively and emotionally, but I just wanted to take this as a chance to say thanks to everyone who DM'd me to check in, and anyone who has sent me messages of support it honestly means the world. It's so humbling that we don’t even have to know each other to help each other out.”


“I wanted to create a design that represents the community spirit throughout lockdown. I’ve been inspired by how people have managed to cope in different ways throughout these past few months, and the love and support that has come from these difficult times.” (Read the full quote here)


“I’m inspired by the creatives I find on my feed, constantly using their platform to speak up about politics, human rights, body positivity and personal experiences etc during this pandemic. I have been able to stay educated, motivated and inspired through their creative expression during these times and I’m very grateful.”


“During quarantine, I’ve taken more notice to art through other forms such as the font used in a bakery’s menu, the architecture of a building or the outfit of a stranger. Inspiration is everywhere!" (Read the full quote here)


“A bit of seafront people watching.”


“What has truly inspired me over the past few months is finding inspiration in the place that I happen to be in, whilst also imagining that place to be something it isn’t. For me that’s been my bedroom. Hopefully this makes some sense.”


“Although 2020 can be called nothing less than a bizarre year so far, the greatest inspiration for me, was watching the coming together of many communities worldwide and using their voices in the fight for justice 🖤."

the converse elevate collection

Looking for some inspiration?

In case you’ve missed our series with Converse so far, delve into the projects and people we’ve featured this summer.

First up, we collaborated with the London-based illustrator Fredde Andersson (AKA FreddeLanka) on a series of Zoom backgrounds for remote Pride celebrations, to coincide with Pride month around the world. When creating the backdrops, Fredde’s main focus was to reflect the breadth and diversity of the global LGBTQIA+ community, taking inspiration from these communities’ specific flags and the sentiment behind the new Philly flag, also known as the “More Color, More Pride” flag.

The Philly flag, which was first designed and popularised by social justice advocate Amber Hikes, sees two additional stripes – one black and one brown – added to the traditional six-colour rainbow layout to highlight Black and brown members of the LGBTQIA+ community. The flag is also the inspiration behind Converse’s 2020 Pride collection.

Fredde told us his main aim was “to create something fun and colourful, using the colours of each community’s flag as inspiration to make a festive and celebratory environment for them to place themselves into, if they want to”. He created a series of downloadable Zoom backgrounds, as well as an Instagram filter for Pride celebrations; he also shared some open Photoshop files for others to download and try out for themselves. You can read more of the story and download the backgrounds and the filter in the full article here.

Next up, we worked with the make-up artist Berny Ferr on four looks taking inspiration from the ideas behind Converse’s Renew collections. The Renew initiative was launched in 2019 and sees Converse finding new uses for post-consumer and post-industrial waste materials. Berny is used to working with found and discarded materials. “I love upcycling,” he told us. “If I can get an old shoe, or some old dungarees or even rubbish like milk bottles and cardboard, and turn it into art, then I’ll do exactly that!”

Berny created a series of four looks, each demonstrating the power of resourcefulness, and the importance of reusing and upcycling materials. He also shared a series of tutorial videos, which you can find here, so anyone can follow his steps and give it a go themselves.

Finally, the week before last, we collaborated with Azeema, a publication and platform launched by Jameela Elfaki as a way to represent womxn from the MENASA regions (the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and beyond). The brief this time was Elevate and was all about how creatives can work together to elevate the stories and experiences of others. Azeema, a collective that has always relied on collaboration, was the perfect fit for this brief.

The Azeema team decided to create a zine interpreting the subject of “sisterhood” and commissioned three pairs of “sisters” to create DIY photoshoots from their homes under lockdown: the Glaswegian sisters Fatima and Aicha; DJ duo Rishy and Sana; and Lauren and Jade, also known as Adefuego. These pairs of sisters were tasked with capturing “the uplifting spirit of sisterhood and exploring its role during these unprecedented circumstances”, the Azeema team write, and with adopting “a DIY approach” to collaborating and creating at home. You can read more about the zine and download it for free here.

#CoverseCreate T&Cs

Entries are open between 13 July – 29 July 2020 11:59pm GMT
Eight entries will be selected by the It’s Nice That creative team, to feature on It’s Nice That on Monday 3 August 2020.
The eight selected entries will be published in one article on and @itsnicethat on Instagram.
All entries must be made on Instagram, including #ConverseCreate and tagging @itsnicethat and @converse_london.
All entrants must own full copyright and relevant permissions for the image they enter.
By entering your image with #ConverseCreate, selected individuals give permission for It’s Nice That to publish the selected work on all It’s Nice That social media channels and on
By entering your image with #ConverseCreate, selected individuals give permission for Converse to publish the selected work on all Converse social media channels.
The final eight individuals selected will win one pair of Converse Chucks, selected from its Renew, Pride or Elevate collection.
The prize cannot be exchanged for any other service or cash equivalent reward.
This project is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram. It’s Nice That and Converse is the soul sponsor of this project.
By entering your work to #ConverseCreate on Instagram, you submit that you have fully understood and agreed with the terms and conditions listed above.
You can find It’s Nice That’s general terms and conditions here.

the converse elevate collection

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