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Introducing International Women’s Day on It’s Nice That


Kate Prior

Across the world today, women are being celebrated. It’s Nice That is joining the occasion with a day of content that celebrates female creativity in all its forms.

We’re bringing you features, work and opinion pieces from an all-female cast of creatives across a range of disciplines: from fashion to photography, filmmaking to graphic design, publishing to illustration — all penned by a female-only team.

You’ll find creative voices and work from around the world, but we’re continually looking to expand our network of female creatives ever larger. If you’re a she – or a they, or a he – making work we don’t know about, please email us or submit new work here.

Thank you to each of our brilliant collaborators for their time, and a special shout out to Kate Prior, who is the woman behind the International Women’s Day illustration you’ll see across the site today.