Craig Oldham, DIA, Caterina Bianchini, Studio Dumbar and Supermundane show off their typographic skills

For all you typographers currently stuck indoors, here are five Nicer Tuesdays talks all about letterings, fonts and kerning.


9 April 2020
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If there’s one thing we know readers of It’s Nice That are fans of, it’s typography. And over the years at Nicer Tuesdays, we’ve heard from countless practitioners in the field who have wowed us with their approach to the methodical and technical medium.

Sometimes it’s the thoroughness of a project which is so impressive, and sometimes it’s how expressive it is. With typography though, there’s always an understanding that, whatever the outcome, it took a whole lot of skill and years of honing a craft.

Continuing our series delving into the Nicer Tuesdays archive, today we’ve pulled together five of our favourite talks from typographic juggernauts of the graphic design world: Craig Oldham, DIA, Caterina Bianchini, Studio Dumbar and Supermundane. Enjoy!

Craig Oldham at Nicer Tuesdays in February 2019

Craig Oldham

Revered designer Craig Oldham talks through his then-recently-released publication at Nicer Tuesdays in Feb 2019. Produced under his role as creative director of Rough Trade Books, the project is based on John Carpenters 1980s classic, They Live and is a testament to Craig’s obsessiveness as a designer.

Mitch Paone of DIA at Nicer Tuesdays in March 2019


Mitch Paone, one half of DIA Studio, blasts through an absolute whirlwind of references and graphic design theory, and outlines the studio’s ethos when it comes to producing work. Full of energy and excitement, it was a talk that left us thinking about type and graphic design in a totally different way.

Caterina Bianchini at Nicer Tuesdays in December 2018

Caterina Bianchini

Caterina Bianchini, previously the founder of her eponymous studio, recently relaunched as Studio Nari, shares the fantastic story and hand-drawn typefaces involved in her book, See You at the Dance. It’s a must-watch for both music and typography fans.

Liza Enebeis, Studio Dumbar’s creative director at Nicer Tuesdays in October 2018

Studio Dumbar

Famous worldwide for its iconic Dutch designs, welcoming Studio Dumbar to Nicer Tuesdays was always a goal of ours, so we were thrilled to have the studio’s creative director Liza Enebeis along in 2018. Here, she takes us through the studio’s experimental approach to digital design on a project for the Amsterdam Sinfonietta.

Supermundane at Nicer Tuesdays in July 2016


What to say about this one? Just watch it... This clip was taken from Supermundane, AKA Rob Lowe’s, Nicer Tuesdays talk back in 2016. While a few years old now, it’s safe to say it’s one we’ll never forget as it involves him singing an acapella ode to kerning titled Close But Never Touching. You can also find Rob’s full talk here.

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