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2016 Spring Review: the most popular stories of the year so far

The first quarter of the year has passed, so we’ve compiled the 25 most popular stories on the site since 2016 began – in case you missed any – to keep you entertained until we are back after the Easter weekend on Tuesday. It’s been a great start to the year and we are looking forward to bringing you more stories, events, partnerships and magazines in the coming months.

  • Why-fonts-matter-list Work / Opinion Why Fonts Matter, and how they impact your mood

    Typography might just help you date, solve obesity and impact your mood; so we’ve learnt from type fanatic Sarah Hyndman. We’ve previously dubbed her “the one woman tour-de-force behind the Type Tasting enterprise”, which looks at the power typography has over our lives and senses. She’s now published a new book on the subject, Why Fonts Matter, and has kindly offered us an extract looking at the effects of typography on our emotions.

    Sarah Hyndman
  • Gem_barton_it's_nice_that_1 Work / Opinion Don't get a Job, Make a Job - how to succeed as a creative graduate
    First things first – the days of trading in your degree certificate for a nice safe job offer are gone, and who knows if they will ever return. It is simply not enough to graduate anymore, the world demands more from you – you are the future, you are the next generation of entrepreneurs, design-thinkers, hyper-specialists and cultural agitators. You have a role, you have a responsibility…it is no longer about the world of the design…. it is about the design of your world!

    Being a writer is one of those jobs where you are one, because you do it. The title makes no grand gestures and has no barriers to entry – unlike many other professions – I love that about it. It doesn’t mean you will be a good writer obviously; there are no junior authors, middleweight bloggers or senior poets! It is quite non-discriminatory in that sense and as such is open and accommodating, it encourages agency and I’m all for agency, for people with balls and determination and it is simple – if you write, then you are a writer. And I wanted to write a book, so I started writing, and I wrote a book. It is all in the mind.

    Gem Barton
  • Jennifer-loeber_int_list Work / Photography Jennifer Loeber captures the teens desperate to get into Cannes Film Festival

    The glamour of the Cannes Film Festival lures in the glitterati each year but within the crowds of stars and filmmakers are groups of teenage cinephiles eager to gain entry to the festival. “For years I had heard from my husband (a film critic and journalist) about the teenagers who showed up each year holding up signs outside the velvet rope begging for tickets to the screenings,” says New York photographer Jennifer Loeber, who has captured the teens in her series Pleasures of the Uninvited. “My recent work has focused on themes of youth and identity so I immediately felt a kinship with these outsiders at one of the most hierarchical film industry events in the world.”

    Rebecca Fulleylove
  • The-guardian-purple-int-list Regulars / Bookshelf The Guardian design team reveals its favourite books

    It was back in October that The Guardian released its brand guidelines to demonstrate the importance of its design language within its DNA. In our article about the guidelines, creative director Alex Breuer and deputy creative director Chris Clarke talked through the challenges the team faced, from how far the newspaper’s identity reached to what different colours would mean to its audience.

    Rebecca Fulleylove
  • Int_ones_to_watch_2016_group_image_articlehero Regulars / Ones to Watch 2016 Ones to Watch 2016: Introducing

    Welcome back and happy New Year. The It’s Nice That team is back in the office having expanded our waistlines, damaged our livers and feigned delight when receiving questionable Christmas gifts over the holiday break. We kick off 2016 by introducing our Ones to Watch for the year ahead. We have interviewed 12 creatives who we predict are about to embark upon a stellar year. We spoke with each of them to find out what they will be doing, where they will be doing it and who they will be doing it with. A special thanks goes to Rebecca Clarke who has drawn the fantastic portraits of everyone on the list.

    It's Nice That
  • Graphic_design_surveyed_its_nice_that_li News / Graphic Design Educated, overworked, underpaid: Graphic Designers Surveyed

    Ahead of the publication of the latest Graphic Design& title, Graphic Designers Surveyed, we asked the editors to share their findings with us. Here, they offer their thoughts on the results of the survey and what designers and the wider industry can learn from them.

    Lucienne Roberts
  • Plymouth-college-of-art-printmaking-studio Work / Opinion The importance of creative education: why making is as important as maths, reading and science

    As artist Bob and Roberta Smith and countless others have mooted, arts education is at a critical point at the moment, often seen to be becoming shelved in favour of more traditional curricula. Here, Plymouth College of Art professor Andrew Brewerton discusses the importance of creative education following the recent opening of the Plymouth School of Creative Arts by Sir Nicholas Serota.

    Andrew Brewerton
  • Beer_brandin_its_nice_that_list Work / Graphic Design Cheers! A round-up of some of our favourite beer branding

    It doesn’t take much to persuade most people to kick back with a beer, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to make it look great too. With the rise of craft breweries, the scene has fostered a proliferation of great branding and design for their wares. Here’s a round-up of some of our favourites. h3. Manual: Fort Point Beer Company

    Milly Burroughs
  • Ragged-crow-curzon-film-its-nice-that-list News / Film Curzon Soho has released a 90-second swearing-packed film against its closure

    London arthouse cinema Curzon Soho has released a 90-second swearing-packed film to promote a petition to save the venue from closure. Created with production company Ragged Crow and directed by Ed Edwards, the film shows Curzon Soho’s supporters repeat profanity-packed dialogue from famous films.

    Milly Burroughs
  • Min-26_its_nice_that Work / Opinion The minimalism myth - why simplified graphic design isn't “easy”

    For the past two years Stuart Tolley, founder of Transmission graphic design studio, has immersed himself in minimal, simplified, geometric and reduced graphic design, all in aid of writing a new book, MIN: The New Simplicity in Graphic Design which is published by Thames & Hudson. Here he discusses the misconceptions that surround minimalism in graphic design.

    Stuart Tolley