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Review of the Year 2017: Top 25 Moving Image

Part of working at It’s Nice That means we’re always on the look out for great films, music videos and animations. Lucky for us they came to us in abundance this year and this top 25 most read moving image-based articles is just the tip of a very animated iceberg. We’ve got you covered with numerous animated anecdotes, striking documentaries and mind-boggling music videos. So grab yourself a cuppa and start watching the ultimate film list.

  • Dblg-animade-hey-pressto-animation-itsnicethat-list Work / Animation DBLG and Animade’s cheeky stop-motion animation uses human skin and 3D stamps

    Creative agency DBLG has collaborated with Animade on Hey Pressto an experimental stop-motion animation using the naked human body as its canvas. Created for DBLG’s tenth anniversary, the team first came up with the idea of using 3D printing to create a stamp that could be pushed into skin and leave an imprint. “Initially the stamp was typographically based but after some experimentation we felt it didn’t have a tone of voice or playfulness that resonated with us so we started to explore other avenues,” explains Grant Gilbert, founder and creative director at DBLG. “That’s when we got in touch with Animade. We’d been fans of Animade for a long time and always loved how their animations convey a huge amount of character in such a simple and universal way. Animade were absolutely perfect collaborators for this project and we were really excited with the idea to make an animation that crossed into a physical world.”

    Rebecca Fulleylove
  • Ten_metre_tower_its_nice_that_9 Work / Film Ten Meter Tower: Maximilian Van Aertryck and Axel Danielson’s tense film captures hesitant divers

    Ten Meter Tower, a short film created by Maximilian Van Aertryck and Axel Danielson captures the reaction of 67 hesitant members of the public as they prepare to jump off a ten-metre diving board for the first time. The 15-minute film, created in 2016, has appeared at film festivals all over the world and was recently shown at the Sundance Film Festival.

    Owen Pritchard
  • Uncleginger-bipolardisorder-animation-itsnicethat-list Work / Animation Uncle Ginger uses hypnotic shapes to animate the facts and feelings of bipolar disorder

    Animations which illustrate educational or sensitive content have a very difficult balance to achieve. Not only is the creative process often very complicated, but the animator at hand has to find a way to represent the narrative with a certain tone, while not ambitiously overpowering it with personal flair. A TedEd animation by Bristol-based studio Uncle Ginger particularly made us realise this, with its subtle but to the point short answering the question: What is Bipolar Disorder?

    Lucy Bourton
  • Uncertain_ewan_mcnicol_2 Work / Film Uncertain: a spellbinding documentary conflicting epic scenery and societal devastation in Texas

    Cinematic and yet mesmerisingly subtle, documentary film Uncertain has the viewer completely enthralled from the opening shot. Filmed in the town of Uncertain, Texas, it opens with a view of an eerily still bayou with low light twinkling through trees, and Henry Lewis, one of the films three focal characters, steering his boat through the water. With his expressive face and an accent so incomprehensible that he requires subtitles, Henry – like the scenery – doesn’t seem real, but that’s part of what makes this documentary so bewitching.

    Jenny Brewer

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