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Artist Alex Chinneck reveals his festive sculpture in London’s King’s Cross


British artist Alex Chinneck has unveiled his new festive artwork in London titled Fighting fire with Ice Cream. The sculpture, which stands at 17 feet in height, is a giant Christmas Tree encased in a massive “cube of ice.” The artwork is decorated with 1,200 lights and will stand in Granary Square, King’s Cross until 6 January 2017.

The sculpture was carved and cast using two tonnes of resin. The puddle it sits on, which makes the artwork appear as if it is melting into the fountains, was created by pouring over 550 pounds of clear wax.

“The work has been created for everyone and anyone.  Every project that we produce is unique to the place in which it stands; I wanted to create an installation for King’s Cross that was visually and theatrically intertwined with the fountains of Granary Square,” says Alex. “They bring the location to life and so it was logical to take inspiration from their animating presence. If any Christmas party runs out of ice, they’ll know where to find some!”

The artist has gained a reputation for producing popular and spectacular public artworks in recent years including A pound of flesh for 50p and Miners on the Moon .


Alex Chinneck: Fighting fire with Ice Cream


Alex Chinneck: Fighting fire with Ice Cream


Alex Chinneck: Fighting fire with Ice Cream