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Adult Swim pulls the debut broadcast of Aphex Twin’s new video but you can watch it online right now


Remember last week when the sun was shining and life was good and we were all deeply intrigued about those mysterious public artworks that had popped up in both Elephant and Castle and Turin? The ones that everyone thought might have something to do with West Country prankster-cum-genuine electronic music genius Aphex Twin? That was good, wasn’t it?

Turns out they did have something to do with him, and were in fact semi-guerilla marketing campaigns for a new EP – called Collapse – on his longterm record label, Warp. Which, if we’re honest, wasn’t all that surprising. Exciting? Definitely. Surprising? Not really.

What is slightly more surprising is that Aphex Twin’s latest video has been banned from American screens before it’s even aired. The clip for the EP’s title track was set to be given a premiere on Adult Swim on Monday 6th of August but never plonked itself in the living rooms of the nation’s late-night viewers.

Why, you ask, did a subversive, daring, disruptive network say no to Aphex Twin? The simple answer is, it didn’t pass the Harding test, which determines if a video is safe for epileptic or otherwise photosensitive viewers. As such, broadcasting it would have contravened strict rules, and not even a notoriously spiky bloke like Richard D James needs American television bigwigs breathing down his neck.

Adult Swim’s Jason DeMarco has claimed, in a tweet, that the video will now be shown online instead.

Update: Aphex Twin his released a video for EP track T69 Collapse directed by Weirdcore, who has turned in work just as mind-melting as you’ve come to expect. Coming on like the strangest video came you’ve never dared play, the visuals are probably best enjoyed with a clear head, in broad daylight.

Watch the video in full below.