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Chris Bristow celebrates World Sandwich Day with a new animation for Subway


Chris Bristow, Blinkink: Subway

If you missed World Sandwich Day last weekend, Chris Bristow’s humorous new animation featuring a choir of singing tomatoes will bring the joyous festivities to you. In Subway’s latest commercial, a gaggle of vegetables comes together with heartfelt voices and silly faces to jubilate the joys of the sandwich.

In this Blinkink production, each tomato is injected with a distinct personality in the animation that bridges puppeteering with the digital. The campaign features a series of shorts tailored for Instagram which mixes the latest digital animation skills with stock footage and CG effects.

In collaboration with the talented creative directors at McCann London, Rob Webster and Alexai Berwitz say: “Subway’s amazing World Sandwich Day offer gave us an opportunity to create something that genuinely makes people feel good. Through a mixture of colourful GIF’s launched online and a new TV ad, we’ve created a campaign that packs all the fun and punch of a 6” Spicy Italian with jalapeño peppers.”