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Cindy Sherman gets a radical new look for the latest cover of The Gentlewoman


Photography: Inez & Vinoodh (Via The Gentlewoman)


Photography: Inez & Vinoodh (Via The Gentlewoman)

Seemingly determined to drop the creative world’s collective jaw on a regular basis The Gentlewoman continues its run of incredible front covers, with one of photography’s most-admired practitioners set to find herself nestled in the magazine racks of corner shops and galleries up and down the country.

Cindy Sherman follows in the footsteps of the likes of filmmaker Agnes Varda, actress Allison Janney, and celebrated gymnast Simone Biles in gracing the front page of a publication will always find a place on our usually super-cluttered coffee table.

Arriving just ahead of Cindy’s hotly-anticipated retrospective at London’s National Portrait Gallery – which runs from late-June to mid-September – the new issue is a double-cover special, and if that wasn’t enough, the shoot was done by dynamic Dutch duo Inez and Vinoodh.

In typical shape-shifting form, the American photographer – who has spent an entire working life probing at notions of identity and experience – appears as a bearded rocker type; the sort of person you might see rolling through small English seaside towns out of season with Texan flags attached to his Austin Allegro and Lynyrd Skynyrd crackling through the stereo. At least that’s what it reminds us of.

The Spring Summer 2019 issue of The Gentlewoman lands on 27 February.