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Coca-Cola reveals custom typeface, TCCC Unity, inspired by its modernist heritage


Coca-Cola: TCCC Unity

Coca-Cola – in a move that sees the soft-drink juggernaut following in the footsteps of companies like YouTube, Airbnb and IBM – has released its own custom typeface.

Revealed on 5 January, the new typeface is entitled TCCC Unity (an acronym of The Coca-Cola Company) and was designed by esteemed typographic design agency Brody Associates. The announcement was made by Coca-Cola’s vice president of global design, James Sommerville who described how TCCC Unity “encapsulates from Coca-Cola’s past and its American modernist heritage.”

He later posted a video on Instagram detailing the nuances of the typeface and its differing versions. The post was accompanied by a caption describing how TCCC Unity has “geometric flair and circularity drawn from the archive form the basis of the Latin script; a large x-height ensures it works in physical and digital environments.”

The typeface also has its own iOS application which explains “the ethos behind TCCC Unity, the bespoke typeface designed by Brody Associates with The Coca-Cola Company’s Global Design Team.” It goes on to the designers’ inspirations and the font’s styles, weights and specimens.