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Craig & Karl team up with Harry’s for Pride inclusivity-embracing products and subway station rebranding


Craig & Karl, Sarah Deragon: Harry’s

Transatlantic creative duo Craig & Karl have teamed up with shaving brand Harry’s for a Pride-related temporary rebrand. Consisting of product packaging and a temporary interior rebranding of part of New York’s Union Square subway station, the bright and bold campaign saw the pair working alongside photographer Sarah Deragon, and Dazzle Studio.

Combining colourful typography – designed by Craig and Karl themselves – with Sarah’s clean-cut portraiture, the Jonathan from Queer Eye featuring subway adverts aim to highlight the fun and optimism of Pride, and the same is true of the product work.

“Foremost it was the opportunity to create artwork for a project that unabashedly celebrates LGBTQ+ Pride,” says Craig when It’s Nice That ask why they decided to work with Harry’s. “Any opportunity to talk about Pride in a positive way, and to be able to add our own personal take on it, is a conversation we want to be part of.”

For Craig and Karl, the campaign’s potential high visibility was a draw. “Many brave, hard-working people in the LGBTQ+ community have a fought for decades for equal rights and we want to highlight that within our work,” Craig says. “The talent involved helps the gay community becomes less stigmatised and for future generations of kids this will mean more acceptance – that’s the most important part.”

The duo’s overarching ethos was simple. According to Craig, they wanted to illustrate “an inclusive, fun and eclectic LGBTQ+ community,” that has room for “different sorts of individuals, from many diverse backgrounds."


Craig & Karl: Harry’s


Craig & Karl, Sarah Deragon: Harry’s


Craig & Karl, Sarah Deragon: Harry’s


Craig & Karl, Sarah Deragon: Harry’s