Do The Green Thing's Man Made Disaster exhibition tackles patriarchy and the planet

15 April 2019

(Via Do the Green Thing)

Environmentally-minded not for profit group Do the Green Thing is readying a new exhibition featuring the work of 30 women and non-binary artists, all of whom are showcasing material that’ll explore the impact that the patriarchy has on the global climate crisis.

Taking place at Protein Studios on 25 April, Man-Made Disaster: Patriarchy and the Planet curates work by everyone from the Guerilla Girls to Tea Uglow via Anastasia Korosteleva and Assemble.

An IRL response to the latest issue of the group’s eponymously titled magazine, the aim is to posit the notion that when it comes to climate issues, masculinity is toxic. “Research,” Do the Green Thing says, “has found that women waste less than men, recycle more than men and outperform men in nearly every environmental behaviour.”

They add that, “while men disproportionately contribute to climate change, women and girls are disproportionately affected by its negative impacts.”

For the past 12 years now, Do the Green Thing — founded by Pentagram’s Naresh Ramchandani — has championed all things creative that tackle the increasingly-thorny issue of climate change.


Guerilla Girls (Via Do the Green Thing)


Kirstin Smith (Via Do the Green Thing)


MaryLou Faure (Via Do the Green Thing)

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