Everpress launches 40-strong t-shirt collection to inspire the next generation of type designers

Enlisting dozens of type designers, including Jacob Wise, Anthony Burill and Bureau Borsche, the collection exhibits the strength of contemporary type design in 2020.

28 February 2020


Everpress has launched a new t-shirt collection, called Type in Focus, which aims to celebrate the craft of typography and inspire emerging designers to give type design a whirl. The London-based ethical fashion company enlisted typography royalty to create 40 shirts for the collection, which features designs by Colophon, Superimpose, A Practice for Everyday Life, Jacob Wise, Gregory Page, Vivien Hoffmann, Anthony Burill, Bureau Borsche and The Yarza Twins.

“Type design is a technical field, but it’s often portrayed as being terrifyingly so and therefore esoteric, and off-putting to those discovering it,” Everpress’ head of creatives Nick Law tells It’s Nice That. “We wondered whether we could put together a project which featured top quality type in a more accessible way.”

The limited edition collection, which launches today, includes designs by the likes of foundry Pangram Pangram, The Crystal Beach, Patrick Savile, Femme Type, Fraser Muggeridge, Simen Røyseland, Kristina Bartosova, Jesse Johanning, Fabio Furlani, Johannes Schnatmann and Studio Dumbar, among many others. Designer Ciarán Birch, who himself excels in creative and unexpected type, has produced the branding for the campaign, and Hans Findling, Studio Dumbar, and Vrints-Kolsteren, have all created GIFs to support the launch.

The aim, Law tells us, is to show the huge breadth of creativity currently happening among the type design community and to inspire the next generation of designers. “I certainly don’t think that type is under-served and there are some quality resources out there dedicated to shining a light on the top designers in the field, but I can’t recall a project that has bought much of [type designers’] work together, and the medium of clothing should be useful in amplifying the message.”

The Type in Focus shirts will be available from Everpress, here, until 23 March.


Type in Focus branding by Ciarán Birch


Superimose: Type in Focus


Studio Triple: Type in Focus


Julien Hébert: Type in Focus


Jacob Wise: Type in Focus


Anthony Burrill: Type in Focus

Hero Header

Everpress: Type in Focus

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