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Rihanna electrifies on the latest cover of Garage Magazine


Deana Lawson for GARAGE

The ever-intoxicating R&B icon Rihanna is the star of Garage Magazine’s latest issue. Photographed by Deana Lawson and styled by Carlos Nazario, the cover image features Rihanna in Dolce & Gabbana briefs, a pair of Y/Project stilettos, a Tiffany necklace and a full-on rose bolero.

Rihanna’s fashion is famously unexpected, and this series of images shows off her versatility as she transforms this vintage-inspired shoot from classical to edgy. Stylist Carlos did his vintage shopping in London, collaborating with Rellik and One of a Kind to choose unique, one-off pieces that enhance Rihanna’s adaptable sense of style. The art direction hints at understated opulence seen through Deana’s photographic compositions which are a harmonious clash of luxury couture and cheap furnishings.

This is Deana’s first fashion shoot which successfully captures Rihanna’s garments while staying true to her candid style of portraiture. Her innate talent to flesh out colour through lighting brings an immediate presence to Rihanna’s image and the rose bolero. Additionally, the stark lighting evokes a sense of intimacy in Deana’s subjects, the glares create a feeling like there is nowhere to hide on her sets; revealing and bare.