Give a Sheet? Then take a look at these artworks on toilet paper

Two designers repurpose the world's most in-demand household item into a canvas for detailed illustrations, to raise money for WHO's Covid-19 fund.

31 March 2020

Following on from the frankly mad decision of hundreds of people running to supermarkets to stock up on toilet roll ahead of lockdown, creatives Guillaume Roukhomovsky and Blaz Verhnnjack have launched Give a Sheet – a platform where artists can sell their works atop a sheet of toilet paper.

A global initiative highlighting how “toilet paper has become the new safe haven currency,” and so “there’s no reason artists shouldn’t make it their best new canvas,” the project is also raising funds to help tackle the pandemic. 100 per cent of the money collected from the project goes towards WHO’s Covid-Solidarity Response Fund, which looks into tracking and understanding the spread of the virus, ensuring patients get what they need, as well as buying and shipping essential supplies, such as masks and gloves. “The initiative not only aims to raise funds to tackle the pandemic,” add Guillaume and Blaz, “but also aims to inspire everyone out there to hold on and stay home, with a simple little piece of art (and humour).

Set up by Guillaume and Blaz for “creatives who simply feel guilty not being able to help more,” the project is open to anyone who might want to put their pen to toilet roll. Already featuring the highly detailed drawings of both the founding creatives of the project, as well as Gregg Clampffer, KC Hong and Katy Edelsten, each sheet drawing is priced at just $25 – an affordable sum to pick up of artwork and support the cause too.

“We are not doctors, we are not nurses, we are not decision makers…but we are designers, so we found a way to tap into what we do best,” conclude the pair. “And we hope it will help, even just a little.”

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Guillaume Roukhomovsky


Katy Edelsten


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KC Hong

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