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Watch Gorillaz’s audio-visual performance of their new album, The Now Now


Gorillaz X Boiler Room

Gorillaz have put on an audio-visual experience to promote their new album The Now Now, release June 29. The world’s most celebrated animated band have collaborated with Boiler Room to stage a multi-sensory performance that was live streamed from Tokyo and will loop for 24-hours following the set. From abstract galactic visuals to decks of carts floating in mid air, Gorillaz’s performance is a visual interpretation of the songs on their new album.

In the lead up to the The Now Now’s release date, Gorillaz have already put out a number of the album’s songs. The music video for Humility, which was animated by Jamie Hewlett, features a celebrity cameo from Jack Black playing the guitar. The band have also collaborated with Snoop Dogg for their new single Hollywood, who appears during their Tokyo set via on-screen visuals.

Watch the whole performance below.