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Lovers create new typeface and campaign to help Greenpeace protect the ocean


Greenpeace – the global organisation that “defends the natural world and promotes peace by investigating, exposing and confronting environmental abuse, and championing solutions” – has again teamed up with London-based creative studio Lovers for its latest campaign, Protect The Antarctic. The campaign follows another by Lovers earlier this year, End Ocean Plastics.

Aimed at inspiring and empowering over two million people across 35 countries and from all six continents, Lovers has developed a creative toolkit to enable everyone to stand up for ocean protection and the creation of the world’s largest ocean sanctuary in the Antarctic.

“We knew that to grow a mass movement for Antarctic protection, we needed a campaign identity which would inspire and engage people through a universal visual language which traversed countries and continents,” explains Marcela Tern, art and editorial coordinator at Greenpeace. “The toolkit Lovers created helped us visually communicate the wonders of the Antarctic.”

Built by Lovers’ London studio, the toolkit was shared online and allows Greenpeace leaders across the world to “download and distribute design assets to engage celebrity ambassadors and create large-scale projections, installations, videos, placards and wearables,” explains a recent press release.

To accompany these assets, Lovers developed a typeface titled Sanctuary. Used across the campaign, it aims to bring impact and unity across the globe”. Protect The Antarctic, is made all the more distinctive by its unusual colour palette, inspired by a glaciologist’s observations of the way light refracts colour in the Antarctic.

“We knew we needed to overcome the ‘blue and white fatigue’ associated with most communications about the Antarctic,” adds Alex Ostrowski, creative director at Lovers. “There was something we heard a Glaciologist (Hamish Pritchard) say about his experiences of colour there, which inspired our palette: “…you get pink skies, purple ice and green horizons. All sorts of magical colours that are just completely alien to us here in the Northern Hemisphere.”


Lovers: Greenpeace, Protect the Antarctic


Lovers: Greenpeace, Protect the Antarctic


Lovers: Greenpeace, Protect the Antarctic


Lovers: Greenpeace, Protect the Antarctic


Lovers: Greenpeace, Protect the Antarctic


Lovers: Greenpeace, Protect the Antarctic