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Ikea uses ASMR technology in 25-minute, tingle inducing advert

Ikea have created a 25-minute-long advert using ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) which uses particular sounds to evoke a tingling, relaxing feeling on the viewer.

The advert, created with advertising agency Oglivy & Mather, is titled Oddly Ikea, and aimed at college students, promoting “dorm-friendly” products in its bedroom range.

The lengthy advert features a female voice, in a dulcet almost whispering tone, which is already dividing opinion with YouTube commenters on whether it is relaxing or not. Throughout the slow-pace of the advert a figure leisurely makes a bed and highlighting the textures of Ikea products, for instance scratching pillows to display a velvety material. The rest of the advert moves throughout the dorm-room, highlighting minor details such as moving hangers along a steel poll to create a wind chime sound effect.

Targeting students using ASMR is the next step in Ikea’s campaign to tap into a younger audience, after releasing advertisements only on Snapchat earlier this year.

We suggest watching the advert with headphones to receive the full ASMR treatment and if 25 minutes is too intense, Ikea have also made several one minute clips that evoke the same goosebumps feeling too.