New magazine It Ran to launch without articles, only adverts

15 June 2016

An ironic new Canadian magazine It Ran is launching this summer with no articles and no content, just adverts. With all the ad space a media executive’s heart could desire, the magazine will publish any campaign, no matter if it ever ran or not.

As the creators explain, media agencies often win industry awards for bright ideas that never really made it into the world. It Ran aims to be a home for those adverts: the ones the consumers never got to see, the ones that slipped under the radar, the ones that all the careful data and analytical planning failed, or else the ones that ended up on the cutting room floor.

The team behind It Ran says: “At advertising award shows when agencies are called up to the stage for certain award-winning work, many in the room quietly whisper to each other, ‘There’s no way that ran.’” From concept to title, It Ran offers a humorous and ironic twist as proof to claim that it did.

Part parody, poking fun at the advertising industry, part useful vehicle for distributing pet media campaign projects, the magazine is in itself a cannily meta marketing and PR ploy. Acting as a fundraising campaign, 100% of the proceeds of the initiative will go to industry charity The National Advertising Benevolent Society (NABS).

It Ran is now accepting submissions to fill its media space for its inaugural issue, due for release in August.

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