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Jigsaw unveils punchy pro-immigration AW17 campaign


The Corner: Jigsaw Heart Immigration Campaign

In a bold and punchy move, British fashion brand Jigsaw has released its new AW17 campaign featuring the tagline “Heart Immigration,” which also includes a manifesto published on the brand’s website and Twitter account. The campaign, design by London-based creative agency The Corner, features a host of diverse models in a typical Jigsaw-style stately home and has taken over London’s Oxford Circus underground station.

The brand, whose strap-line is: “Beautifully British since 1970”, has used this new campaign as an opportunity to define what exactly they mean by that. The manifesto opens with the line: “British style is not 100% British,” followed by: “In fact, there’s no such thing as 100% British. Or 100% Dutch, French, American, Asian or European.” It goes on to outline how without immigration, Jigsaw would not be able to do what it does: “we need beautiful minds from around the world. Working with beautiful materials from around the world. To make beautiful things for people around the world.”

The brand has also been using its Twitter account to share more thoughts, writing: “What makes us beautifully British? Made by 45 nationalities, using materials from 16 countries.” Creative agency, The Corner describes on their website how the campaign is an opportunity to both acknowledge and celebrate this debt.


The Corner: Jigsaw “Heart Immigration” Campaign


The Corner: Jigsaw “Heart Immigration” Campaign


The Corner: Jigsaw “Heart Immigration” Campaign


The Corner: Jigsaw “Heart Immigration” Campaign


The Corner: Jigsaw “Heart Immigration” Campaign