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Jonas Lindstroem explains his epic Starry Night video for Peggy Gou


Jonas Lindstroem: Peggy Gou

German photographer and filmmaker Jonas Lindstroem has directed the latest music video for Korean, Berlin-based DJ and producer Peggy Gou. Shot in Seoul, the video for Starry Night has already drummed up anticipation among fans of both artists since revealing stills on Instagram and the cover of Zeit, showing the artist appearing to fly over a lake.

Now the video is out, though only available to watch on Apple Music, here we have a teaser, some jaw-dropping stills, and an interview with Lindstroem – who’s previously shot videos for Kendrick Lamar, Beyoncé’s Ivy Park, Kenzo and Calvin Klein – about the concept for the film and the creative process behind its epic visuals.

It’s Nice That: What is the concept for the video?

Jonas Lindstroem: How to feel alive. People in everyday situations breaking out of their day-to-day and fully immersing themselves in a moment until it turns surreal. Life holding its breath for a second enabling us to live through a break in reality where a split second is suddenly a dream. Through dance. It’s a video about overcoming and breaking out of conformity, about feeling alive. Moments. 

On a deeper level, most of the main characters are women, young and old, Peggy among them. And it was really about showing them in a moment of empowerment, as that also resonates with Peggy’s own story growing up. 

INT: Tell us about your process for making the film.

JL: From the start, it was clear that we wanted to dive deep into Peggy’s home country, South Korea, and its culture. That inspired every process of the making of the video and gave us visual leads, through researching old traditions, like Taekwondo, the dance practice called Ganggangsullae, the school uniforms, the visual codes of that society. Taking that and applying a contemporary narrative, trying to find the balance between heritage and contemporary culture. And how both can influence each other. And using that as a stage for all our storylines. 

It was all shot, cast and produced in and around Seoul. I was on the ground for three weeks and we shot for four heavy days involving a cast of around 100 people and as many crew. 

INT: How did you make her fly?

JL: A magician never shares his secrets… but all I can tell you is that she is actually hovering ten metres above the ladies standing in a river. No greenscreen ever.


Jonas Lindstroem: Peggy Gou, Starry Night


Jonas Lindstroem: Peggy Gou, Starry Night


Jonas Lindstroem: Peggy Gou, Starry Night


Jonas Lindstroem: Peggy Gou, Starry Night


Jonas Lindstroem: Peggy Gou, Starry Night