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Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday celebrations rumble on with a Steamboat Willie Lego set


Via Lego Ideas

There are two types of people on this earth. There are those of us for whom celebrating a birthday calls for little more than an evening down the pub. Then, there are those who draw it out into a weeklong shindig featuring cocktails, bowling, dinners, jazz bars, nightclubs, more cocktails, trips to local wetland centres and a restorative three-day spa experience. Mickey Mouse, it seems, falls in the latter camp.

Not content with marking his 90th birthday by hooking up with Clarks for some nifty desert boots, Vans for some nifty slip-ons, Uniqlo for some nifty t-shirts, and Polaroid for some nifty film stock, the most famous mouse in Christendom has decided to prolong the party by hopping aboard the good ship Lego for a Steamboat Willie special.

Everyone’s favourite Danish construction company have decided to memorialise Mickey’s first big-screen appearance in the way it knows best, via the medium of interlocking plastic bricks.

Originally dreamt up by Lego Ideas members Máté Szabó – Lego Ideas, for the uninitiated, is a service which allows hardcore builders to submit their fantasy projects for the company and the community’s perusal – we’re told the Steamboat Willie set was “adapted into the official Lego version by Lego designer John Ho with all the decorated elements and mini figures created by graphic designer Crystal Marie Fontan.”

If you’ve ever wanted to sink an afternoon into recreating one of the most famous steamers of the early 20th century then consider yourself in luck: the set hits shelves on 1 April and Lego stress that it isn’t a cruel and unusual April Fool’s gag intended to snare Disney obsessives across the globe.