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Anthony Joshua stars in Lucozade’s first ever long-form film

Apart from maybe Graham Norton, or possibly the bloke who does the voice over on Come Dine With Me, heavyweight boxing demigod Anthony Joshua is the most-loved celebrity in Britain. Your mum loves him, your grandad loves him, and even your newly-born niece gurgles with approval whenever AJ’s face appears on the telly. Which is, to be honest, quite frequently.

The Watford-born pugilist has been announced this morning as the face of energy drink giant Lucozade Sport’s latest advertising campaign. Overseen by Grey London, the thirst-quenchers first ever long-form film, The Next Move sees Anthony passing on his knowledge and expertise to Michael Kuku, a 19-year-old Londoner who wants to become a top-flight football coach. Together the pair zip around London on a motivational-tour that wants to draw viewers to a new platform called Made to Move.

We asked Grey London why Anthony Joshua was the man for the campaign, and they seem incredulous. “Have you seen him? He’s the physical embodiment of the best bits of modern Britain,” they say, noting that AJ is dedicated, hard-working, and humble. “In the documentary, we capture his relationship with Michael developing throughout their time together. They share personal stories and learn from each other’s experiences. Seeing a huge international sports star so invested in helping the next generation share in his passion was a huge privilege.”

It isn’t the first time that Lucozade has worked with Anthony Joshua, and Grey London thinks that his “incredible story” and position as a role model to young, upcoming athletes, a move to longer-form filmmaking was the best way to tell both his, and Michael’s, story. “It gives us more time to get our message across and make truly impactful content that a 30-second spot simply couldn’t achieve,” the studio tells us.

The film launches today – 11 September 2018 – across media, digital, and social channels.


Grey London/Lucozade: The Next Move


Grey London/Lucozade: The Next Move


Grey London/Lucozade: The Next Move


Grey London/Lucozade: The Next Move


Grey London/Lucozade: The Next Move