Luke Edward Hall / Mario Testino / Burberry

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Burberry marries Luke Edward Hall illustrations and Mario Testino shots in new campaign

Burberry has combined hand drawn illustrations by Luke Edward Hall and photographs by Mario Testino for its latest advertising campaign. Unveiled this morning, the fashion brand’s 2016 campaign centres on the interesting visual collaboration between the British illustrator and Peruvian photographer, to champion the aesthetic of the refocussed Burberry branding and new collection.

The campaign stands conspicuously apart from the crowded market of fashion advertising and editorial imagery, capturing a handmade authenticity contrasting the increasingly commercial market. London-based illustrator and interior designer Luke Edward Hall, who has garnered a lot of media attention in the fashion and interior design industries of late, was tapped for the role, having his interesting illustrative response to the collection strikingly juxtaposed against industry veteran Testino’s photography. “I was lucky to be given free reign and to be one of the first to be able to interpret the iconic trench coat in my own way," Luke says.

Looking to engage the struggling fashion market in new ways, Burberry’s chief creative and CEO Christopher Bailey explained their decision and choice of artist: “His beautiful illustrations next to Mario’s powerful photographs capture the artisanal spirit of the collection,” an approach Burberry surely wishes to capture with its newly streamlined brand, famed for its British aesthetic and heritage.

Photographer Mario Testino spoke to his interpretation of the collaboration: “I love the human element of the drawings on to the photographs…the softness and handmade feeling adds something intimate.”

Alongside the visual media strategy, Burberry has moved to release a limited edition sale run of The Patchwork bag, where — like the handmade illustrations used centrally in the campaign imagery — no two will be the same: each featuring a unique combination of colours, textures, pattern and embellishments, one of a kind, named individually after British streets and towns.


Luke Edward Hall / Mario Testino / Burberry


Luke Edward Hall / Mario Testino / Burberry


Luke Edward Hall / Mario Testino / Burberry