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McDonald’s paints a blurry picture with an intriguing new campaign


TBWA\San Juan: Say No More (Via TBWA\San Juan)

Here in the UK, fast food big boys McDonald’s has found itself in hot water, with Labour front-bench MP Tom Watson asking the chain to drop its longstanding annual Monopoly campaign, describing it as a “danger to public health”.

Over in Puerto Rico, motorists are being treated to the large-scale sight of semi-disguised offerings from the American mega-business’ vast menu. Local agency TBWA\San Juan’s latest campaign for McDonald’s has seen it put together a series of huge paintings, all of which feature hazy interpretations of Big Macs and the like. Imagine Gerhard Richter huffing on McNuggets at his local drive-in and you’re nearly there.

Titled “Say No More”, the idea is that, yep, McDonald’s offerings are so immediately and globally recognisable – at the time of writing there are 36,000 branches of McDonald’s spread across 101 countries, which seems simultaneously oddly low and still absolutely absurd – that even viewed through the squinty gauze of paint, you’ll know exactly what you’re looking at.

We’ll let you decide if this is a good thing or not.


TBWA\San Juan: Say No More (Via TBWA\San Juan)


TBWA\San Juan: Say No More (Via TBWA\San Juan)