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Pepsi and AMV BBDO try to launch Paul Rudd into space in latest ad campaign

Pepsi, that noted purveyor of fine – if indeterminately flavoured – fizzy drinks have pinged one of Hollywood’s most charming leading men deep into space for a new advertising campaign. Well, sort of.

In No Can Left Behind, Paul Rudd finds himself getting ready to blast into the cosmos with fellow actor Michael Peña for company. With a minute to go, the duo realise they’ve forgotten something very important: their stash of low-calorie, sugar-free Pepsi Max.

Rudd, ever a man of practicality, hops out of the shuttle and begins hunting down a source of refreshment. Eventually he spies a vending machine. Hallelujah! Except…he’s only gone and forgotten his change.

Do Rudd and Peña get their liquid fill? Do they make it into the outer reaches of the known universe? Do they manage to strike up the easy camaraderie that made Ant Man such a hit despite being in an incredibly stressful situation?

You’ll have to watch the AMV BBDO produced ad to find out.


(Via AMV BBDO/Pepsi)