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Fashion designer Raf Simons is now selling duct tape at $200 a roll

Raf Simons is one of fashion’s most repeated names. Formerly creative director at Christian Dior now chief creative officer at Calvin Klein, Raf has been name-checked by Frank Ocean, Vic Mensa, Big Sean, A$AP Rocky and Rihanna, starred in Frédéric Tcheng’s 2014 documentary Dior & I, co-directed a video for The XX with Alasdair McLellan and redesigned Calvin Klein’s iconic logo with the help of Peter Saville.

Hot on the heels of Prada’s £140 paper clip, Balenciaga re-worked Ikea bags at £1,125 and the unforgettable Supreme brick which now sells for over $1,000 on Ebay, fashion’s latest cult product comes in the form of something we will surely all need at some point in our lives: custom printed duct tape. Available in black printed with red text reading “WALK WITH ME”, and white tape reading “RSYP YOUTH PROJECT”, the duct tape is retailing at a cool $250 CAD on online shop Roden Gray.

Raf’s “derelicte” duct tape is presumably intended to be used as an unconventional belt (for his A/W17 runway, the designer styled coats wrapped in swathes of tape), we can’t help that think you might be better off printing your own.


Raf Simons