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Superimpose creates “hyper-local” campaign for Adidas Original and TFL collaboration

Creative agency Superimpose has teamed up with Adidas Originals for a new campaign with Transport for London (TFL), in celebration of “the heartbeat that keeps London moving 24/7”.

The campaign, the largest in TFL’s history, ties into the 15th birthday of every Londoner’s trusty travel companion, the Oyster card. The campaign features the release of three limited edition trainer designs accompanied with a special edition Oyster card topped up with £80 credit, “a unique chance for fans to join the Oyster Club and keep London moving.”

Superimpose oversaw all creative aspects of this unique collaboration, leading the ideation, art direction, the production of a teaser trailer, an in-store experience and numerous other campaign details combining both Adidas Originals and TFL’s iconic imagery, “to tell the story of this inspired pairing of two world-renowned brands.” In particular, Superimpose’s trailer of the collaboration offers a preview into the collaborative designs, featuring London Underground staff members modelling the styles. Each trainer designed is full of carefully curated details with the “aim to tell a different story from TFL’s history against the backdrop of three Adidas silhouettes: Temper Run, Continental 80 and ZX 500RM.”

Oliie Olanipekun, Superimpose’s co-founder and creative director, describes the “hyper-local” campaign as both “challenging and fulfilling at the same time,” as well as being “a dream come true where we flexed our muscles as a full-service creative agency working on our home turf for a brand partner that’s very close to our hearts,” he explains.

The challenge at hand for the studio was particularly capturing “the essence of a globally respected institution” like TFL, but also pairing this with Adidas Originals’ “energy and attitude,” in a way which resonates with Londoners. “With the social, political and cultural state of affairs affecting every individual in some way this part year, this was an opportunity to shine a light on London and its culture from a celebratory lens that puts those on the ground at the forefront,” the creative director continues.

The collaboration, titled “United by TFL, Told by Originals” is only available as a limited sale run until 10 November. You can watch a talk by Superimpose founders Ollie and Toby at Nicer Tuesdays earlier this year here.


Superimpose: United by TFL, Told by Originals


Superimpose: United by TFL, Told by Originals


Superimpose: United by TFL, Told by Originals


Superimpose: United by TFL, Told by Originals


Superimpose: United by TFL, Told by Originals


Superimpose: United by TFL, Told by Originals