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Vogue Czech Republic and Slovakia to launch with September issue


Courtesy of V24 Media

Condé Nast is launching Vogue Czech Republic and Slovakia, which will focus on fashion, lifestyle and arts news from local cities like Prague and Bratislava as well as shining light on international cultural developments.

The new Vogue will have both an online and printed presence, the latter of which will be published in Czech to make it accessible for both Czech and Slovakian readers. The magazine will make its debut in August 2018 with a September issue and will be the second Eastern European Vogue to have been introduced this year following. Vogue Polska launched its first issue only a month ago.

Vogue Czech Republic and Slovakia will be published under a license agreement with V24 Media with the two co-founders, Michaela Seewald and Fabrice Biundo, leading the strategic direction of the new publication. The new Condé Nast publication arrives at a time when the region’s demand for a luxury market is rising. Business of Fashion reports that the local area’s footwear and apparel market is expected to reach $3.03 billion by 2022, while Prague Fashion Week, which launched in 2010, reached new heights in 2013 when it partnered with Mercedes-Benz.