A new brand vision for Wedgwood, shot by Jeremy Liebman

The 261-year-old British ceramics company has been rebranded by Anomaly to appeal to a whole new generation of creative consumers.

4 February 2020


Wedgwood ceramics have, until now, usually resided in the homes of older generations, stashed away for when the Queen comes to tea. Now, thanks to an overhauled art direction by the Amsterdam outpost of agency Anomaly, the age-old British company founded in 1759 is hoping to appeal to a younger audience with is relaunch campaign. Shot by It’s Nice That favourite Jeremy Liebman, known for his vivid, raw, high contrast portraits and interiors for the likes of Apartamento and The New Yorker, the set of photographs depicts the brand’s ephemera in a way that makes us want it all.

Anomaly has taken an editorially-led creative approach, putting familiar, time-tested Wedgwood designs and items in new contexts, among expertly styled interiors combining patterns, textures and colours in inventive, eclectic ways. The agency says it set out to reframe the brand’s heritage alongside contemporary design, to “encourage experimentation and creativity” with tableware and interior styling choices. This entailed working with three emerging names in the interiors industry: creative director Alex Eagle, consultancy duo Campbell-Rey, and interior designer Rachel Chudley, who were tasked with the “breaking down of traditional luxury codes and expectations by celebrating individualism.” The results are photographed by Liebman in a series of tableaux ranging from perfectly manicured studio-shot compositions of dinnerware adorned with delicious cakes, to more familiar snapshots, as if casually captured during a shoot at the home of someone very, very cool.

“I always strive to create an environment where genuine moments can occur,” Liebman says of the project. “I want the images to feel authentic and inviting and I think genuine connections are the best way to achieve that. I’ve shot tastemakers from the worlds of fashion, music, art and design and I always try to bring curiosity and spontaneity to my shoots in order to create the most natural moments possible.”

“It’s not every day that you get a chance to reposition a 260-year-old icon,” comments Anomaly’s Amanda Fève. “Welcome to Wedgwood is a celebration of the timeless craftsmanship, distinctive colours and original designs that make the brand as vibrant and relevant as ever. We hope it will inspire a new generation of shoppers to mix, match and make a statement in their own homes.”
Päivi Svens from Wedgwood says the new campaign comes at a time “when luxury codes and traditional conventions around formal dining are changing. Today one of the greatest luxuries in life is being able to follow your intuition and create your own style.” Wedgwood is not only hoping to “redefine luxury for today’s consumer,” says Svens, but also for double digit growth in the next three years, with expansion in Asian markets.

More images from the campaign, including new collection launches, will be revealed later in 2020.

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Anomaly: Welcome to Wedgwood

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