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Delve into Bunker – an infrequent blog dusting off old design tomes

You don’t have to be a card-carrying bibliophile to appreciate that an old book’s better in the flesh. It’s not only the texture and smell, it’s the way the colours change over time. With the sad demise of the UK’s fine libraries, we’ll no doubt be increasingly relying on blogs like Bunker to dust off design tomes for our online perusal. That can, however, bring its own perks.

Born in 2013, Bunker uncovers an eclectic mix of design classics from the 1980s. Lovingly introduced with a brief history of purchase and interest, the selection has clearly been curated by a knowledgeable design nut. Featuring books on typographic legends like Jan Tschichold, graphic designer Paul Rand and a Pentagram series as well as a sprinkling of comics and Star Wars, there’s already some real gems, and with such a well arranged collage of images one gets an immediate feel for the book on display. It’s shaping up to be a very nice personal assemblage – a private tour round a design connoisseur’s library.


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