Hugmun Studio combines 3D sculptures, collage and type for its latest brand identity

The Copenhagen-based studio talks us through its refreshing rebrand for sustainable cosmetics brand Murré Skincare.

15 February 2022


What considerations are there when approaching a brief? For Hugmun Studio – an independent design studio founded by Maria Milenko, Tomasz Pawluk and Harriet Elsom – the team kickstart the process by thinking about a “new path” for each project. In this sense, the studio looks at the story behind the brand and therefore determines the strategy based on these findings. “The design should provide a solution to multiple requirements,” says Maria, “not just ‘does it look nice’ but ‘does it feel right’ to the founder, the staff and the customer.” Above all, the work should reflect the brand in both personality and style.

This becomes paramount in the latest release from the studio – an identity for Murré Skincare. A brand that creates sustainable cosmetics, the founders have a combined 25 years’ experience in the luxury spa and cosmetics industry, so they needed an identity to match the company’s expertise and quality. “The founders were open to a new approach with a use of colour,” adds Tomasz, “but maintaining a minimalist and luxurious feeling. We were looking for a bridge between the bohemian and luxurious, with the target market in mind” – i.e. people looking for luxury and soul. The result is an identity spanning web design, packaging and print materials, all of which adhere to a modernist and simplistic aesthetic conveyed through functional typefaces, collage, 3D sculptures and raw materials.


Hugmun Studio: Murré Skincare (Copyright © Hugmun Studio, 2022)

Before anything else, Hugmun made a concerted effort to begin playing around with abstract shapes to form the fruity looking collages. The team refer to these elements as the “ingredients” which, once added to the rest of the recipe – the identity – completes the entire aesthetic and direction for the brand. “This became the main element of the packaging,” says Harriet. Additionally, colour and texture were key factors in determining the look, feel and function of the identity, especially when it came to “conveying certain feelings to represent each product,” adds Harriet. And, when paired with the elegant choice in typefaces, this only elevated the clean sense of the entire branding; the team opted for a classic sans font called Untitled by Klim Type Foundry and Arthemys by Morgan Vantorre. “Raw, sculptural objects representing the ingredients mixed with minimalist elements of the layout create the fine balance,” explains Maria. “We like that you can view the packaging from both sides and each of them is like a cover on its own.”

Once the backbone was formed, Hugmun was then able to put its own artistic flair on the identity. This means following a “scrupulous” design to work out the layout and informative elements, before being able to let go and “let ourselves be open for artistic exploration”, shares Tomasz. Playful compositions, harmonious colour palettes and 3D objects therefore come into the fore. “We think the reason it works well is because it is an eclectic but not vintage mix of elements,” adds Harriet, citing the typefaces, “effortless” use of collage and “modernistic” 3D sculptures as the driving factors behind the identity. “The balance is not achieved by a specific rule but rather by instinct and feeling.”

It’s clear that Hugmun has achieved its mission with this refreshing identity. It responds to a brief, suits a specific target audience and, all in all, is visually pleasing. So far, the brand has had a “very positive response”, reveals Maria. “One of their goals has already been fulfilled – they are the first Polish beauty brand to be sold in GaliLu neoperfumery, which is famous for its niche, selective brands and unique service.” In the near future, Hugmun hopes that this project will encourage future partnerships with clients who are also open to trying something new – a “new path” that the studio is more than keen to explore.

GalleryHugmun Studio: Murré Skincare (Copyright © Hugmun Studio, 2022)

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Hugmun Studio: Murré Skincare (Copyright © Hugmun Studio, 2022)

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